The events and updates listed below are listed in chronological order, as they occurred and were reported by members of various international news agencies on location in Dignania. This site, maintained by the Royal News Service of Eastern Zartania, provides a comprehensive look into the on-going struggle in Dignania. Where possible, pictures and full articles are provided.

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April News Reports

April 1 299AP


[News release from RNS temporary broadcast headquarters in Q'Leist]

To the People of Eastern Zartania and Vexillium:

I would like to publicly apologize for the disruption in our usual prompt and timely news service. With the destruction of our Broadcast Center in Imperial City, RNS has been forced to find temporary housing so that we can begin broadcasting again as soon as possible. Luckily, we've found it. I'd like to thank the mayor and people of the city of Q'Leist for helping us re-establish ourselves. From now until the time when we can rebuild our Broadcast Center in Imperial City, RNS will be broadcasting live, around the clock, on television and radio, from the Government Center in the Old Capital District of Q'Leist. The Eastern Zartanian people will not be deprived of the news, and we thank the Royal Government for their continued support and protection during this crisis. Thank you all.

              Lord Mercutio Davitz
              Owner & Executive Producer, Royal News Service

The City of Montpelier(3:00PM Local Time) This is Scott Edwards reporting from downtown Montpelier.  The streets are alive with celebrating as people dance and sing to the one month anniversary of the liberation of the capital by UBD forces and the establishment of the People’s Revolutionary Council.  As of 3:30 PM today, the first official month of UBD leadership was confirmed. UBD and MCZ flags hang from every window. Pictures of President Oscar Valdez and Vice-President Otho Ferrier paint every street corner.  Earlier today, the UBD leadership watched a parade in their honor. Thousands of UBD soldiers with tanks and artillery paraded down Main Street to Liberation Square (AKA Government Plaza).  Citizens of all ages enjoyed the parade and celebrated the triumph of the people.  Everyone is confident that the war will be over soon and the MLFLD with their Zartanian dogs will be defeated. The excitement is seen on every face.  The three-year Betterment plan announced over a week ago is in full effect.  Every citizen of Dignania is joining together to make the plan a reality. I won’t be surprised that the goals of the plan were met in two years instead of three.

    After the parade, President Valdez addressed the crowd assembled in Liberation Square.  He told them that their effort and sacrifice would not be in vein.  He said quote, “Victory will be ours.  We only have to keep up the struggle a little longer. No one, not even the KTZ, can stop the people of Dignania from claiming their freedom. Stand together, linked arm to arm and victory will come. I stand with you comrades.  Long Live the Revolution!”  The applause was deafening, as the crowd had to be forced back from reaching out and grabbing Valdez.  The war continues, but in this excitement is any indication, the MLFLD will soon be overwhelmed by the power the people. Scott Edwards, UBD Revolutionary Press.

Lancaster Island - (5:00 PM Local Time)

(MLFLD Deputy Harrison Ford giving a press conference about the Diplomatic Dinner on March 31)

FORD:  “Good evening ladies and Gentlemen.  Tonight, I’m announcing the successful conclusion to yesterday’s meeting between the MLFLD and several governments.  The topics on the agenda included our current war with the UBD, the KTZ terrorist attacks, FCM civil war, and other points of interest.  The representatives at the dinner included Neolilianan ambassador Mme. Ela Dorysi, KTZ Ambassador Brigadier Baron Josef Hennessy, UPRMI ambassador Consul-General Sh'aniahia Vaoniahi, and Free Caboteniasa Movement ambassador Jorge Martiano.  I can not discuss the particulars of the meeting because talks are still on going.  I will only say that a consensus on several issues have been reached. Now before I answer questions, I would like to make a statement on behalf of the MLFLD government over the issue of FCM’s civil war with Teniasa.  I will also address Teniasa’s threats to Westria and KTZ over ships approaching Teniasa territory to provide aid to the FCM:

    "The MLFLD government supports the actions of the KTZ and Westria in regard with them sending ships full of humanitarian aid to the FCM. They have every right to send aid to the FCM. Their mission is to help people, which is the most noble of purposes. Now concerning the threats made by the government of Teniasa and their position on Dignania. The civil war Dignania suffers from now was caused by the UBD. They did not want to form a peaceful government with the rest of the people of Dignania.  Their idea of achieving power was through the use of violence and hate. They started the war; the MLFLD is only defending itself. Also you have recognized the UBD over MLFLD in the war. Your actions betray what type of government you are. Only dictators and oppressors support each other. Teniasa says that they recognized the UBD because they control the capital and most of the country, but you forget that land makes no difference when the hearts and minds of the people fight against aggression.  Even if the UBD controlled 100% of Dignania we would fight because the people are more important then a few acres of land. Does Teniasa view land more important then its people? This is why we support the FCM. They fight for freedom of choice and expression. The MLFLD wishes them luck.

    Now concerning your threats against Westria and KTZ. Do you want to die? Why are you annoying and talking tough to two of the most powerful nations on Vexillium. If you were confronted by a sleeping tiger. Would you not slowly back away and try will all your might to keep him from waking up?  Instead, you have walked up to the tiger and are poking it in the face. Eventually, the tiger is going to wake up and destroy you. The MLFLD suggests that you keep the tiger asleep or you better prepare many body bags. We support any, ANY action KTZ and Westria does to defend itself. We suggest you keep quiet. I will now take a few questions”

REPORTER 1: “Deputy Ford is it true that there was a fight between Ambassador Brigadier Hennessy and Ambassador Consul-General Vaoniahi at the dinner?”

FORD: “There was a confrontation at the dinner, but no physical fighting.  The disagreement between the ambassadors was due to the shooting at the UPRMI airport, which killed several KTZ and UPRMI guards.  The shooting was over a disagreement about diplomatic arrangements.  Last night, Ambassador Hennessy and Vaoniahi basically had a food fight.  In fact, the disagreement broke the tension in the room and everyone was able to return to their meals without to much trouble.  Afterwards, both ambassadors begged pardon and shaked hands over the issue. For the rest of the evening, there was no further incidents and the conduct of business was able to continue without hindrance.   I repeat their was no physcial fighting between the ambassadors and the only thing ruined was some clothes."

REPORTER 2: "Are you trying to tell us that it was a simple food fight and nothing more."

FORD: "Yes, next question"

REPORTER 3: "Who won?"

FORD: "No Comment and if you want any more details on the food fight contact the KTZ and the UPRMI.  This news conference is about Dignania and nothing else."

REPORTER 4: "Reports from the front suggest the the war is developing into a stalemate in the Rokariyn Mountains.  Is this what the MLFLD wants?  Is the war strategy to wait for the arrive of the KTZ forces before launching any attacks against the UBD?"

FORD:  "I can not make a comment on MLFLD strategy or future war plans.  All I can say is that our forces have fought a heroic battle to stop the UBD offensive. Operation Turn-About prevented the UBD from taking over the rest of Dignania.  We will defend the Ambrosio Line against any UBD attack.  I thank our men and women in the frontlines and I thank the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania for their support.  Without their help, we would have been defeated.  One more question."

REPORTER 5:  What is the MLFLD's position of the Terrorist attacks inside Eastern Zartania?  Do you support their call for martial law?

FORD:  The MLFLD supports the KTZ in it's fight against terrorists.  These cowards, the MCZ, have attacked innocent civilians in attempt to distablize KTZ.  Their goal seems to be to disrupt the KTZ"s war effort in Dignania.  I say now that this won't happen and I wish the KTZ luck on hunting down the terrorists.  I have little compassion for the MCZ.  Remember, they came to my country to help the UBD. So I hope they rot in hell.  Thank you for your time"

April 2-4 299AP


Rokariyn Mountains(12:30PM Local Time) There have been no major offensives by either side in the last week.  Both sides continue to expand their fortifications in the mountains.  MLFLD military spokesmen announced to the press on April 3 that the Ambrosio Line is intact and with each passing day being strengthened.  The spokesmen went on to say that any future UBD attack will be repulsed with heavy casualties.  When asked about a MLFLD offensive, the spokesman said no comment and would not give any clues to when or if a future attack would occur.  RNS military analysts believe that the MLFLD will not launch a major offensive until Eastern Zartania can arrive in bulk.  One analyst said, “the MLFLD knows in has time on their side.  All they have to do is hold on to the Ambrosio Line until the KTZ forces can arrive and tip the balance.  I figure that by September or October the MLFLD with the KTZ will be ready to launch a major offensive that should throw the UBD and MCZ out of Dignania.  The UBD now has a short window of opportunity.  They have about five months to defeat the MLFLD before the massive weight of the KTZ forces hit them.  The problem is that the longer the MLFLD stands, the weaker the UBD becomes.  Within a month or two, the blockade will start having a serious effect on the UBD forces.  During that same time frame, KTA air power will win air superiority and then start destroying the UBD ground forces. We might see that by September, the UBD could be starving and blind with no where to hide. Meanwhile, the MLFLD will grow stronger with every month as weapons and supplies flood into Dignania. Like I said, the key in the Dignania war is that next two or three months.  We should expect an all out assault by the UBD in a few weeks, if not sooner.  I have a feeling that the next round of fighting could be the heaviest in the whole war to date.”

     Demieville was cleared of UBD forces late April 1.  Sporadic fighting continued over the next few days as MLFLD troops cleared out snipers and cut off units.  The city is in ruins after the week’s worth of fighting.  Civilian casualties have not been tallied, but it is believed that the number is over ten thousand.  Residents are only now immerging from the cellars and shelters.  Famine and disease is the new enemy Demieville will face.  There is no running water or power.  Bodies litter the streets which when the weather turns warmer will rot and spread disease.  MLFLD officials report that shelters will be set up to help the civilians, but an MLFLD official admitted that there is little that can be done.  He said that the MLFLD has few resources left over after the army is factored in to feed and take care of the Residents of Demieville. The government will ask for humanitarian aid from foreign government to meet the need.

    Upper General Wayne stated that MLFLD forces captured over six thousand UBD soldiers and killed about three thousand in the battle for Demieville. The prisoners of war will be transported to one of the islands for internment. MLFLD casualties were 1,613 killed, 2,557 wounded and 230 missing. The Fifth Corps with the 43rd Division and 44th Division spearheaded the drive to retake the city.  KTZ air strikes played a large part in ending the battle as quickly as possible.  Many UBD soldiers surrendered once they knew they were surrounded and subjected to air attacks.

Here are the latest headlines from across the KTZ Kingdom and around the world as of April 3
(7:45 PM local Time)

[News release from RNS temporary headquarters in Q'Leist]

    So far, 15 people have been arrested as a direct result of last week's martial law decree. The Royal Police say that all 15 were arrested as a result of curfew violations, and are being held in custody pending trial and sentencing. His Royal Majesty has declared that martial law will remain in effect until the MCZ threat has been eliminated. Later this afternoon the Royal Government's new plan to combat the MCZ threat will be unveiled. There was an incident overnight along the Whitlamite border, as soldiers from the 3rd Subarian Stek Militia opened fire on a person attempting to flee across the border. Lieutenant Arthur Vaduzyn said that they had ordered the suspect to halt, and warned that they would fire. When she refused to stop, the soldiers opened fire, wounding her. The identity of the individual has not been released. She is currently under the care of the doctors at the 3rd Medical Corps Field Hospital. She has been separated by officers from SF3, and is under heavy guard. A sergeant with SF3 indicated that certain papers were found on her, but would say no more.

    Clean up continues at the RNS Broadcast Center. The final death toll has been tallied at 128 at the Broadcast Center, and another 117 injured. Our thoughts, hopes, and prayers go out to the families of our colleagues who were killed or injured while doing their jobs. Estimates from the Royal Army's 1st Engineering Corps indicate that the clean-up operation will take another 3 to 4 weeks, with an extra week of foundation assessment, before construction can begin to rebuild the Center. Construction is back underway on the new soccer stadium as well, and TFZ Commissioner Karl Muskal says that he has every faith that it will be completed on time now that the Royal Army are helping to guard and work on it. Repairs are also underway at the Council Chambers Building on King Fredrik Plaza. Repairs were delayed while members of the military and the police accompanied council members through the wreckage to collect all government documents. Since then, construction has been proceeding under the watchful eye of the 1st Regiment Royal Infantry.

    In Cazniev yesterday afternoon, the prime suspect in a string of 6 murders in the heart of the city was shot and killed by Royal Police as they were attempting to arrest him. Forty-six year old Jack Rippings was shot in his apartment on South Bidalya Street when, police officers say, he resisted arrest by brandishing a handgun. Royal Police investigators say that there are indications that the Guldavya Factory Worker's Bank has been funneling funds and support to the MCZ. The bank has been closed and its records seized in order to facilitate the investigation.

    Repairs are still underway in Claw Anchorage as well. Sources indicate that repairs should be completed within the next 5 to 6 weeks. In Eastharbor, the FCLR consulate is still under heavy protective guard. After some extensive investigating, the Royal Police have apprehended two of the men they believe are responsible for the attempted assassination of the FCLR consul. They are currently under arrest and being interrogated by SF3. The Imperial Navy has appropriated the harbors and port facilities in both Claw Anchorage and Eastharbor. The fire that has burned at the Royal Army Staging Warehouse near Willardia for two days has finally been put out. Four firefighters were injured in the blaze, but no one was killed. Luckily, the warehouse has been emptied of all military equipment a week prior to the fire. That equipment is now en route to Dignania via a troop convoy that left Eastharbor March 24.

    Travelling to Dignania to join in the fight to liberate the country are the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Regiments Royal Engineers; the 2nd, 9th, 17th, and 18th Royal Medical Regiments; the 5th Royal Communications Regiment; the 2nd Regiment Royal Army Police; the 1st, 8th, 9th, 10th, 17th, 28th, 37th, and 39th Royal Supply Regiments; the 3rd and 4th Regiments Royal Anti-Aircraft; the 23rd Regiment Royal Field Artillery; and the 3rd, 10th, and 15th Regiments Royal Infantry. These 24,000 troops will be arriving in Dignania by the 8th, and will immediately begin to take a role in the region. General vun Orcton, Commander-in-Chief Royal Zartanian Army, has said that the engineering regiments will be used at this point to establish staging areas for future operations, while the combat units move in to help relieve the battered 34th Regiment Royal Infantry, which will be withdrawn from the theater. The supplies and equipment for the regiments are being sent to Dignania via a separate supply convoy, which is expected to arrive a few days after the troops.

    After the securing of airfield facilities on the Dignanian mainland by the MLFLD, the 3rd Fighter Squadron has been relocated to that airfield from Chrihan Island, and has resumed combat operations from Dundalk Airfield. These operations are in support of continuing ground operations along the front lines in the Rokariyn Mountains.
Commander-General Vogle has announced that the RZAF will begin using Chrihan Island has a stopover to transfer air force squadrons from Haddock Cove to Dignania. The 7th Fighter Squadron's F-12 air superiority fighters are now gathering at Haddock Cove for the transfer. The 2nd Bombing Squadron, the 1st Fighter-Bombing Squadron, the 2nd Recon Squadron, and the 5th Ground Attack Squadron will follow these planes.

    The Imperial Navy's blockade of southern Dignania remains in effect, having successfully sunk 9 merchant ships attempting to get supplies into or out of UBD-held territory. Four ships have also been stopped and turned away by Eastern Zartanian surface forces. The ship impounded last week by the Imperial Navy has been positively identified by Fleet Admiral Indurii as the Whitlamite ship Red Dawn, which was carrying weapons, food, and equipment for the UBD army. After ignoring a warning to heave to, the freighter was fired upon by the destroyer HMIS Orkton Battlecharger, scoring a hit to the vessel's forecastle with her 5-inch deck guns. The freighter was then boarded, searched, and seized. It is believed that her captain and crew are either members of or sympathizers with the Communist Party of Whitlam, and Royal Government authorities are trying to determine if this is so. Four Eastern Zartanian warships sent to the waters off Caboteniasa to protect neutral merchant ships in that war zone have begun their duties, escorting three Westrian-flagged merchant ships to the port of V„sthammer. The warships' well being in those waters has been threatened by the unrecognized Republic of Teniasa, but the Royal Navy has decided to "proceed to assist the humanitarian efforts in the region" despite the threats.

    Earlier today, the United Peoples Republic of the Maritimian Islands made an address in the UNV calling for an investigation into the current troubles within the Kingdom, implying that the Royal Government is simply fabricating the attacks in order "to form a military hegemony in the lands of the former Free Confederacy" and within its own borders. The UPRMI has also stated that Eastern Zartania's military forces are not allowed to operate in the area controlled by the former FCLR. When asked to comment on these accusations, Foreign Minister Young stated that "our delegation to the UNV will respond to these baseless implications and accusations soon," and that Eastern Zartania "has every right to help defend its friends and allies against military attacks anywhere in the world, especially when they expressly ask for that help." No indication has been received yet when Lord Varishnikov, the Kingdom's ambassador to the UNV, will speak in response.

           [End of news release]

April 5, 299AP

In the Western Rokariyn Mountains along the Ambrosio Line(11:00AM Local Time) The morning is bright and clear.  One could see for miles around if one had the opportunity to look, but snipers prevent any nature watching.  Instead, the men of the 36th MLFLD infantry division stay huddled behind their entrapments and sandbags.They use binoculars and homemade mirror glasses to peek at the UBD.  The mirror glasses are a soldier’s creation.  They are made by taping several MRE (Meals ready to eat) boxes together so that it is hollow all the way through.  Two boxes are taped inward to form a short E without the centerline. There are two open ends. They then place two shaving mirrors inside.  One mirror goes on the bottom facing the bottom opening.  The second mirror is taped inside on the top as the boxes bend inward.  The mirrors are tilted.  The two mirrors allow a reflection to pass from the top opening to the first mirror.  Then the image is reflected onto the second mirror on the bottom.  The soldier then looks through the bottom opening to see the reflected image. The effect allows soldiers to look over the battlefield without having to expose their heads to enemy fire.  The device is ingenious and is one of many such devices that have been created to make sure a soldier can live one more day.

    The men in this section of the MLFLD trenches are dirty and tired.  I look down the trench and see a divergent amount of fabrics with shades of grey and green.  There is no standard uniform per say.  MLFLD supply corps have only now begun to make a standard uniform and issue it to the men.  To meet the current need, women and children in northern Dignania collect as much clothing they can and die it various greens and greys.  Even helmets are non-standard issue.  They are quickly made and rarely fit the men’s heads, but they don’t gripe much since they do save lives.  The supply of rifles and bullets has increased over the last week since the KTZ convoy of weapons arrived in Kasama.  The MLFLD men were especially happy to see the new 75mm howitzers.  Just last week, a new battery was deployed and immediately welcomed the UBD with a few well placed shots.
The men are grateful to have the modern rifles.  For several of the men, the first months of combat saw them using thirty to sixty year old weapons. Unfortunately, there have been some instances of rifles malfunctioning and killing their user.  Hopefully the new shipment will solve this problem.  The men have enough to worry about out here without having to worry about their own rifles blowing up.

    There hasn’t been any shelling for at least six hours.  The UBD lines vary in their distance from the MLFLD lines.  In some places, the lines are only a hundred feet apart or across a small ravine.  In others, the line is a least a mile away, but on average the lines are about a quarter of a mile apart depending on the terrain. A day’s routine in the MLFLD trenches is staying under cover and building up defensives.  At night, squads of soldier’s journey out from the trenches to plant mine or deploy barbed wire.  These forays into no man’s land can lead to death.  I have witnessed several sharp firefights as men have been caught in the open.  If the UBD suspect a MLFLD squad in no man’s land, they launch a flare to illuminate the landscape.  Night turns into day.  Soldiers caught in the middle try to hide or run back to the trenches.  Both sides open up with machine guns and mortars until the flare dies out and then silence.  This continues night after night as both sides attempt to strengthen their lines.  In other actions, the UBD and MLFLD send squads to attack each other’s trenches to find weak spots or just to make a nuisance of themselves. In other words, both sides seem to be digging in for the long haul.  No one is preparing to go anywhere in the western Rokariyn Mountains.  This is Kristoffer Henriksson, Subrata Independent Press, reporting from the 36th MLFLD Infantry Division stationed in the Ambrosio Line in Dignania.

Royal Government News Release from Eastern Zartania about internal terrorist attacks - (2:16 PM Local Time)

            [news release from the Ministry of Public Information & Customs]

    On Saturday, April 3, 299 (1363 Zart. Cal.), the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania announced plans for its new domestic campaign against the terrorist threat from the Movement for a Communist Zartania. With the declaration of martial law on Friday, March 26, the Stek Militias have been activated, and both the militias and the Royal Police have been subordinated to the Royal Zartanian Army, which has assumed control of the government from civilian authorities. This military control has opened up new avenues for the Royal Government to combat the MCZ threat. After extensive consultation with 5 members of the Royal Council (the Minister of the Interior, the Foreign Minister, the Commander-in-Chief Royal Zartanian Army, and the Commander-in-Chief Royal Armed Forces), His Royal Majesty has decided upon the following steps to the taken:

1) Following the establishment of martial law throughout all areas of the Kingdom, the Royal Zartanian Army and its subsidiaries (the Royal Police and the Stek Militias) will begin an active campaign to hunt down and destroy the MCZ domestically.

2) The RZA and its subsidiaries are hereby authorized and ordered to begin a house-by-house search of every stek, colony, and territory of the Kingdom. Troops of the RZA will search every house in each stek, keeping track to ensure that all houses are investigated. The troops involved are authorized to search any and all parts of the house, surrounding land, and residents for evidence pertaining to the MCZ attacks. All citizens of the Kingdom are ordered to comply with this search order, and all RZA troops are hereby authorized in the use of deadly force against those citizens who refuse to comply with the search order.

 3) All citizens who are suspected of belonging to, aiding and abetting, or helping in any manner the attempt to overthrow the Royal Government are to be arrested immediately, regardless of rank, position, or circumstances. After their arrest, they are to be subjected to an intense two-week investigation for further evidence, after which they will immediately be tried upon the appropriate charges. Those found guilty will be sentenced upon the end of the trial, sentences to be carried out immediately.

4) The RZA and its subsidiaries are hereby authorized to use any and all means at their disposal to facilitate their investigations and searches, upon confirmation by their Group Commander.

5) The only residences exempted from the RZA search are those diplomatic residences maintained by foreign governments upon Eastern Zartanian soil, and all residences used by the Royal Family.

    These steps have been decreed by His Royal Majesty, and have begun to be implemented throughout the Kingdom, its colonies, territories, and protectorates. Any questions by foreign governments concerning our campaign against the MCZ should be directed to the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

              Authorized by His Royal Majesty, the Royal Council, the Royal Stek
              Assembly, and the Royal Court of Judges.

           [end news release]

April 8, 299AP

An Official Communique from the Eastern Zartania Government - (12:33 PM Local Time)

[press release issued by the Ministry of Public Information & Customs]

    The Kingdom's new policy to hunt down the MCZ, announced earlier this week, is currently being implemented in full across the Kingdom. So far most citizens have complied with the orders, and have allowed the Royal Army to search their homes. In Haddock Cove early this morning, a problem occurred, as several families in the village of Adalbertsburg refused to allow the Royal Police entry to their residence in order to search it. The families blocked the entrances to their homes and refused to obey the Royal decree. After repeated warnings, the Royal Police broke in the doors with battering rams. The homes were thoroughly searched, and though no evidence of MCZ involvement was found, all 23 people have been arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, disobedience of a Royal Decree, and hindering an official investigation. Judge Lane Mills will pass sentence over them tomorrow afternoon.

    Theodore Morden, the MCZ officer who was captured in Dignania two weeks ago, has finally given a full confession after being interrogated by SF3. In his signed confession, Mr. Morden gave specific information about future MCZ plans, and implicated several citizens as being MCZ leaders. The full transcript of the confession will be made available later to anyone who wishes to see it. Meanwhile, Mr. Morden will be placed on trial beginning next Monday. The charges pending are high treason against the Crown, inciting to rebellion, multiple counts of murder, inciting rebellion abroad, and conspiracy to overthrow the government. The trial will be open to the public, and will be broadcast on KTZ-TV with a 45 second delay. If found guilty, Mr. Morden will face the death penalty for his crimes.

    In similar news, the woman who was shot and wounded while attempting to cross the border with Whitlam has almost fully recovered, and is currently being questioned by SF3. So far very few facts about her have been released. Her name is Julia Denton, a Whitlamite citizen and a member of the Communist Party of Whitlam. Papers were found on her person indicating that she was carrying orders from MCZ officials in Eastern Zartania to CPW officials in Whitlam. Following the conclusion of her questioning and investigation, Ms. Denton will be placed on trial. She is currently charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government, conspiracy to incite rebellion domestically, conspiracy to incite rebellion abroad, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit regicide, and disobeying a Royal Decree. More information about this will be released as it is made available by SF3.

           [end news release]


ZS Medotia Arrow: SOS, SOS... (12:52PM Local Time)

              Mayday! Mayday!

This is the Eastern Zartanian freighter Medotia Arrow! We're enroute to Dignania with supplies. We've come under attack by an unknown vessel 213 miles NNE of North Cape, St. Kilda! [static interference]...fooled us completely! Shells are falling all around us!! If anyone can hear us, please help...[static interference]

I repeat, this is a mayday from the freighter Medotia Arrow!! We require...[radio transmission cut, Morse code remains]


Official Christiana Communique - (12:59 PM Local Time)

    The Christiana Naval Ship CNS Oren is in the vicinity and is steaming at full speed in your direction...we are using last known coordinates.

THE CNS Oren is a light destroyer. We are picking up two ships on our long range radar...please confirm your position...

Please confirm your armaments. If unarmed we will come in with fire at the attacker.

              R. Krause, Captain
              Royal Christiana Navy

Re: ZS Medotia Arrow: SOS, SOS... - (1:17 PM Local Time)

    This is Captain William Trevern of the Imperial Naval frigate HMIS Seawolf. We are currently enroute to Medotia Arrow's last position. ETA is 30 minutes. On radar we have two three contacts, one is shrinking, and we assume this means the freighter is sinking. The closest contact is now fleeing northward. We request CNS Oren attempt to pick up survivors, and we will pursue the hostile. Please respond as soon as possible.

              Captain William Trevern, IZN
              Commanding Officer, HMIS Seawolf (F-2)

Re: ZS Medotia Arrow: SOS, SOS... - (2:40 PM Local Time)

           CNS Oren will search for survivors and attempt to save the ship, if possible.

              Krause, Captain

Re: ZS Medotia Arrow: SOS, SOS... - (4:35 PM Local Time)

    Here is the ROMS Inês, Medotia Arrow. We are fishing on the immediations of North Cape. We have dropped our cargo on the sea, to accomodate possible survivors, and we're currently searching the region for you. Also, we have contacted ROS St.John, a hospital ship of the Ordlandic Navy, which was stationed off Noteraland. She will follow instructions the Zartanian government may give from there.

           ROMS Inês, Ordlandic Merchant Navy.

HMIS Seawolf - (4:50 PM Local Time)

DATE: 08 April 299, 16:50 ZST
TO: Capt. R. Krause, CNS Oren, ROMS Inês
FROM: Capt. William Trevern, HMIS Seawolf (F-2)
SUBJECT: ZS Medotia Arrow

    HMIS Seawolf is still in pursuit of hostile vessel. Course now 302, coordinates approximately 60N 167W. Speed 32 knots. Hostile vessel still on radar. We are attempting to close to visual range. Unwilling to fire ship-to-ship missile until target verified. CNS Oren and ROMS Inês, please pick up survivors and escort them to hospital ship ZS Assistance (RS-2) in Gonorreia archipelago. You will be met at edge of Dignanian waters by frigate HMIS Seatiger (F-6) and led to ZS Assistance. Clear passage is granted. We will continue our pursuit and update as warranted.

              Captain William Trevern, IZN
              Commanding Officer, HMIS Seawolf (F-2)

TF 1/3/7 Communication - (5:13 PM Local Time)

DATE: 08 April 299, 17:13 ZST
TO: Task Force 1/3/7 Capt. R. Kraus, CNS Oren, ROMS Inês, and ROMS St. John
FROM: Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, C-in-C TF 1/3/7
SUBJECT: ZS Medotia Arrow

    I would like to inform all parties involved in the current rescue operations around the attack on the merchant freighter ZS Medotia Arrow of a few facts regarding the ship. Medotia Arrow was currently 15 days out of Claw Anchorage, Eastern Zartania, with a cargo of military tents, uniforms, helmets, boots, and gloves for the 24 Royal Army regiments arriving in Dignania today. She is an unarmed merchant vessel of approximately 51,000 tons. Her top speed is a mere 22 knots, and she carries a crew compliment of 16. She has been chartered by the Imperial Navy, but (as per Eastern Zartanian tradition) was sailing under the Kingdom's merchant ensign. We sincerely hope that her crew may be found alive and well by the Christianan and Ordlandic ships currently searching the area. If anymore information is required, please contact me aboard my flagship, HMIS Warbird (JC-1).

              Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, IZN
              Commander-in-Chief, Task Force 1/3/7
              aboard HMIS Warbird (JC-1) off Dignania

Naval Rescue Report from CNS Oren - (5:44 PM Local Time)

    The CNS Oren is on scene. There appears to be no salvageable parts of the ship afloat. We have rescued 21 survivors. We cannot find the captain or his log. What is the crew manifest of the ship?

    We are urgently requesting information on whether the ship you are pursuing is flying, or was flying, a Christiana Mechant Marine ensign. Several of your sailors were hesitant to be pulled aboard. They apparently report seeing on of our "Blue and Yellows" on that ship!

    We have assured them that NO merchant vessel of Christiana would be allowed into Christiana ports if they had done this. This is piracy under our colors! The King and the government must be informed immediately!

              R. Krause, Captain
           CNS Oren

KTZ reponse to the naval rescue report made by the CNS Oren - (6:00 PM Local Time)

DATE: 08 April 299, 18:00 ZST
TO: Capt. R. Krause, CNS Oren
FROM: Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, C-in-C TF 1/3/7
SUBJECT: ZS Medotia Arrow rescue operation

    TWENTY-ONE survivors?! There were only 16 aboard the ship when it left Claw Anchorage. Captain Krause, you are hereby authorized by the Crown of Eastern Zartania to hold all survivors under house arrest until you  reach our task force. We must also insist that all survivors be examined prior to departure from your ship by three members of the Imperial Navy. It is, indeed, odd that you should have recovered 5 more survivors than were on the ship; 6 since you cannot find Captain Morgentaun. Something is wrong, Captain, and we need to find out what that is.

    The last report from Captain Trevern aboard HMIS Seawolf, in pursuit of the hostile vessel, said that the ship had not yet been brought into visual range. Therefore we cannot confirm this report. It would not surprise me, however, since our submarines have sunk several UBD or MCZ freighters attempting to run the blockade under false colors. This seems to be a recurring UBD trick.

    We will continue to pursue the hostile vessel, and will issue a warning to all Eastern Zartanian merchant ships at sea to remain cautious when encountering unknown foreign ships. We suggest that the Christiana government begin its own search to verify the locations of its merchant ships and ensure that this attack was not carried out by one of them. We will, of course, be happy to have the assistance of the Christianan government in running this pirate to ground. Thank you for rescuing our people, Captain.

              Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, IZN
              Commander-in-Chief, Task Force 1/3/7
              aboard HMIS Warbird (JC-1) off Dignania

HMIS Seawolf(6:18 PM Local Time)

DATE: 08 April 299, 18:18 ZST
TO: Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, C-in-C TF 1/3/7 Capt. R. Krause, CNS Oren, and ROMS Inês
FROM: Captain William Trevern, HMIS Seawolf (F-2)
SUBJECT: Pursuit of hostile vessel

    This is Captain William Trevern of His Majesty's frigate Seawolf. A second contact has appeared on our radar screens. Designate contact Attack 2. She appears to be the same size as contact Attack 1, and identifies herself as the Gronkian merchant vessel Delnoor. She has visual contact with Attack 1, and identifies Attack 1 as a 30,000-ton merchant ship sailing without colors. Both contacts are still hull-down to us, though we are still slowly closing with Attack 1. We believe her speed to be 31 knots. Course now 223. Looks like she trying to make it to the major shipping lanes. If she makes it there, we won't be able to pursue. Can't risk firing now, for fear of hitting the Gronkian ship as we do not have visual confirmation of either contact. Flank speed ordered. Attempting to close.

              Captain William Trevern, IZN
              Commanding Officer, HMIS Seawolf (F-2)

Naval Rescue Report from the CNS Oren - (10:54 PM Local Time)

Status of 21 survivors:

14 listed as Eastern Zartanian citizens.
5 refuse to show identification, or to identify themselves.
2 have died, without finding identity.

    We have seperated the EZ citizens. They claim to not know who the 5 are. One of the dead has been identified by the EZ citizens as one of theirs. The remaining five are being held in the brig until they identify themselves, or until we hand them over to your vessel.

    Strange. They refuse to speak. No names. No conversation. We do not even know their language!

              R. Krause, Captain
           CNS Oren

KTZ reponse to the naval rescue report made by the CNS Oren - (11:00 PM Local time)

DATE: 08 April 299, 23:00 ZST
TO: Capt. R. Krause, CNS Oren, and ROMS Inês
FROM: Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, C-in-C TF 1/3/7

    Thank you, Captain, for rescuing our people and for holding those unknowns. The frigate HMIS Seacat is currently enroute to rendezvous with you. ETA one hour. We request that you set course to meet with our task force, and have ROMS Inês assume the task of continuing to search the sea for more survivors or evidence. We would like our naval officers to question the survivors as soon as possible, and begin the interrogation of your prisoners.

    As we have two corvettes from the MLFLD in our task force, we will have two of their officers accompany ours to determine if your prisoners are Dignanian. Other than that, we may have to wait until SF3, our special interrogation unit, can arrive from Imperial City. Thank you again for your assistance in this matter, Captain. The Kingdom of Eastern Zartania is grateful to you and your crew.

              Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, IZN
              Commander-in-Chief, Task Force 1/3/7
              aboard HMIS Warbird (JC-1) off Dignania

 HMIS Seawolf - (11:25 Local Time)

DATE: 08 April 299, 23:25 ZST
TO: Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, C-in-C TF 1/3/7
FROM: Captain William Trevern, HMIS Seawolf (F-2)
SUBJECT: Pursuit of hostile vessel

    This is Captain Trevern of His Majesty's frigate HMIS Seawolf. New contact on radar. Eight-ship fishing fleet on southern edge of radar. Designated contact Attack 3. Contact Attack 1 making at top speed for new contact. We assume that she's trying to hide among those ships. ETA 6 minutes. Contact Attack 2 has moved off toward the north away from contact Attack 1. Still no visual on Attack 1. No radio contact with Attack 3. We assume they are fishing trawlers from Novoyoakes, and have no radios aboard. Admiral, if that ship is able to get in amongst those fishing trawlers, we may lose her. We are currently closing at 35 knots, and should have visual within ten minutes. Request orders. Still closing. Once visual confirmation has been achieved, we will take further actions.

              Captain William Trevern, IZN
              Commanding Officer, HMIS Seawolf (F-2)

Orders from TF 1/3/7 - (11:43PM Local Time)

DATE: 08 April 299, 23:43 ZST
TO: Captain William Trevern, HMIS Seawolf (F-2)
FROM: Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, C-in-C TF 1/3/7
SUBJECT: Pursuit authorization

    Captain Trevern, on my authority as the senior officer afloat of the Imperial Zartanian Navy in Dignanian waters, you are hereby authorized to remove firing controls from weapons. If the vessel continues on course at present speed and refuses to heave to and keep away from the fishing trawlers, you are authorized to fire upon hostile vessel. Disable, but do not destroy unless directly threatened. Repeat, you are authorized to remove firing controls from weapons, and you are released to fire upon hostile vessel.

              Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, IZN
              Commander-in-Chief, Task Force 1/3/7
              aboard HMIS Warbird (JC-1) off Dignania

April 9 299AP

HMIS Seawolf - (1:01 AM Local Time)

DATE: 09 April 299, 00:01 ZST
TO: Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, C-in-C TF 1/3/7
FROM: Captain William Trevern, HMIS Seawolf (F-2)

    This is Captain Trevern of the frigate HMIS Seawolf. Orders received and confirmed. Contact Attack 1 has slowed to 18 knots. We believe she's slowing in order to blend into the fishing fleet. She is now hull-up. Using infrared sighting, we make her to be a freighter-type ship of at least 20,000 tons. No colors. Have ordered a single shot from the forward 3-incher as a warning. Near miss, within 30 yards of target. Target has increased speed to 28 knots, and is turning eastward attempting to open the gap. Have ordered one SSM launched to target engineering section of target. Direct hit. The ship has been disabled. Planning to move alongside to board and seize target.

              Captain William Trevern, IZN
              Commanding Officer, HMIS Seawolf (F-2)

HMIS Seawolf - (1:35 PM Local Time)

DATE: 09 April 299, 00:35 ZST
TO: Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, C-in-C TF 1/3/7
FROM: Captain William Trevern, HMIS Seawolf (F-2)

    This is Captain Trevern of the frigate HMIS Seawolf. We are now coming alongside the target. The name on the stern has been painted over, but Petty Officer Duranch believes she can read the name "Elixir" through the off-colored paint. Still no colors. The damage appears that the missile plunged straight through the quarterdeck at almost a 90 degree angle, and exploded in the engine room. She's down slightly by the stern. Almost at a full stop now. There doesn't appear to be any movement aboard the ship. We're moving off 60 yards, and will send a boat crew over to take possession. The boat is in the water. Eighteen sailors armed with semi-automatic rifles are enroute. They're alongside, and Sub-Lieutenant Makins is climbing up the side. He's stepping onto the de...

              [BOOM!!! A crashing explosion cuts the transmission.]

 Recon 3 looking for HMIS Seawolf after cut off transmission - (2:05 PM Local Time)

[radio transmission over Eastern Zartanian military frequency; carrier-launched aircraft "Recon 3" (an F-5 fighter) reporting in]

RECON 3: "Warbird, this is Recon 3. Recon 3 to Warbird, please acknowledge."

WARBIRD: "Recon 3, this is Warbird. We hear you. What's your status?"

RECON 3: "Have arrived on target. Currently at last position of Seawolf. Surface radar shows multiple contacts. Looks like a debris field. No visual confirmation due to cloud cover."

WARBIRD: "Recon 3, this is Warbird. You are authorized for low-level pass over target area. Exercise extreme caution."

RECON 3: "Acknowledged, Warbird. Beginning decent to 500 feet. Speed 670."


RECON 3: "Warbird, this is Recon 3. Visual confirmation of debris field. Approximately 2 mile oval. Appears to be wreckage of a freighter. Sighted oil trail headed east. Am turning to follow, no survivors in the water."

WARBIRD: "Acknowledged, Recon 3. You are clear to investigate oil trail. A ship will be diverted to investigate the wreckage."


RECON 3: "Warbird, this is Recon 3. Contact on radar same bearing as oil trail. IFF indicates one of ours. Am closing for visual."


RECON 3: "Warbird, Recon 3. Visual confirmation. Oil trail ends at crippled ship. Classify as Seadragon Class Frigate. Hull number indicates Seawolf. Ship is damaged. Port side buckled and scorched. Superstructure wrecked. Have been sighted by Seawolf, and receiving flag signal. They say their communications array is out, current speed 18, battle efficiency impaired. Warbird, request you dispatch an escort."

WARBIRD: "Acknowledged, Recon 3. Frigate Alekmo has been dispatched. Homing on your coordinates. You are ordered to maintain air cover and escort until Alekmo arrives."

RECON 3: "Acknowledged, Warbird. Maintaining air cover and escorting Seawolf."

[end radio transmissions]

April 12, 299AP

 KTZ Judicial Announcement in the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania - (3:00 PM Local Time)

              [news release authorized by the Ministry of Public Information & Customs]

    One hour ago, after hearing just four hours of testimony, the High Court of the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania passed judgment on only its second defendant since the achievement of independence last year. The trial of Mr. Theodore Morden began this morning at 09:00, with the members of the Royal Council sitting in judgment as the High Court. His Royal Majesty was present, but did not participate, as is required by Royal Law. HRM is allowed to participate only in the case of a tie vote, and then acts as the tie-breaker. The Senior Magistrate of the Royal Court of Judges presided over the trial. As required by Eastern Zartania judicial precedence, Mr. Morden, as defendant, was the first witness to take the stand, and was immediately attacked by the prosecutors for the Crown. Mr. Morden, looking somewhat dazed and disoriented from his apparent suicide attempt over the weekend, answered all of the Crown's questions, and repeated in full his confession from last week. Following Mr. Morden's testimony, the Crown called two more witnesses, the two MLFLD officers who captured Mr. Mourned in the Rokariyn Mountains. Both men testified that Mr. Mourned was apprehended as part of a joint UBD-MCZ scouting party, the rest of which were shot and killed immediately. The two officers also testified that Mr. Mourned had shot and killed the third member of their party before they were able to capture him. With this testimony, the Crown rested. Mr. Morden's defense counsel made a statement that the defendant should not be considered responsible for his actions, as he was effectively under the control of MCZ leader Albert Bester, who brainwashes his followers. However, the Defense was unable to produce any witnesses to this effect. After receiving the testimony, the High Court rendered its judgment. In the words of the Senior Magistrate, "Mr. Theodore Morden, the High Court of Eastern Zartania hereby finds you guilty of all charges specified against you. Having been found guilty, this Court has no choice but to enforce Royal Law and give you capital punishment. You are hereby sentenced to death by firing squad. The execution will take place tomorrow morning at dawn by the Royal Army Imperial City barracks."

    After sentence had been passed, Mr. Morden was shackled by members of the Royal Police and led from the courtroom. As they were departing, a shout of "You godless bastards!! Why are you doing this to us?!" was followed by a gunshot. Mr. Morden was hit in his right arm, but the wound was not serious. The gunman was immediately apprehended, and has been identified as Ambassador Moe Foulkes, the Dignanian ambassador to Eastern Zartania. The Royal Court of Judges has yet to announce what charges Ambassador Foulkes will face, saying that they need to confer with MLFLD authorities, as Ambassador Foulkes has been granted diplomatic immunity. Tomorrow morning's execution is open to viewing by the public, and will be filmed by RNS for future broadcast, pending approval by the Ministry of Public Information & Customs.

           [end news release]

April 13, 299AP


KTZ government is about to announce that Thedore Morden has been executed - (11:04 AM Local Time)

           [report released by the Ministry of Public Information & Customs]

    This morning at 06:35 ZST, Mr. Theodore Morden, a confessed and convicted terrorist member of the MCZ, was executed by firing squad outside the Royal Army barracks in Imperial City. Mr. Morden was offered a blindfold beforehand, but refused. He was shot by a squad of five Royal Army soldiers. Medical personnel on the scene say that death was instantaneous, as all five bullets hit in or near the heart. Several people were on hand to witness the execution, including three members of the Royal Stek Assembly who were injured in the MCZ attack on the Royal Council Chambers Building last month, and all of the Dignanian embassy staff. Ambassador Foulkes was present, but was kept under tight guard. After yesterday's incident in the courtroom, Ambassador Foulkes has been charged with attempted murder, attempting to hinder justice, and illegal possession of a weapon inside a Royal building. It's not sure, yet, whether the ambassador will be tried in the Kingdom or not, as talks are still on-going with the MLFLD concerning Ambassador Foulkes diplomatic immunity. Following the execution, Mr. Morden's remains were taken to the Royal Military Hospital in Imperial City where an autopsy is being performed. Following the autopsy, Mr. Morden's body will be cremated and scattered to sea as befits a terrorist and traitor.

              [end news report]

 KTZ Martial Law update from the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania - (12:00 PM Local Time)

              [released by the Ministry of Public Information & Customs]

    His Royal Majesty's plan to combat the MCZ threat to the Kingdom is underway and appears to be working! Since the announcement of the Kingdom's anti-MCZ campaign on April 2, Royal Police and military forces have been scouring the countryside looking for MCZ members and collaborators. The house-by-house searches have also been extremely successful. In the eleven days since the campaign began, more than 9,000 suspects have been arrested, most for collaboration with the MCZ. Of those 9,000+, two thousand have since been released as further investigation revealed nothing. Another 3,000 have already been sentenced, while the others are still being investigated. Of the 3,000 that have been tried, convicted, and sentenced, only three were convicted for committing crimes against the Crown. As new MCZ members, they participated in the planning and preparation for several of the bombings. Considering that they were new members, the Court was lenient and sentenced them only to life imprisonment in a government labor facility. The other 2,997 criminals were given sentences ranging from two years in a minimum security prison to 35 years hard labor.

    In a related story, before dawn this morning two squads of soldiers from the 1st Regiment Royal Infantry eliminated a terrorist cell of the MCZ operating in the city of Cazniev. Then ten Royal Army soldiers, using information gleaned from the late Mr. Theodore Morden, had been closely observing the members of this cell for over a week before they made their move. Early this morning, dressed in black, the soldiers of the 1st and 2nd Squads, Phalanx A, 1st Echelon, A Company, 1st Regiment Royal Infantry, burst into the 4th floor apartment that the cell had been using as their headquarters. All eight terrorists were shot and killed in an operation that lasted just over one minute. After a thorough search of the apartment, documents were found pertaining to the bombing that took place in Cazniev last month. Also found in the apartment were components for five more bombs, one partially built bomb, and several automatic weapons. The entire apartment building has been evacuated and declared the property of the Royal Army for the duration of the investigation. The bodies have all been removed to the Royal Army barracks in Cazniev for autopsy. Royal Army officials have said that they feel that the city of Cazniev should be clear of MCZ following today's pre-dawn operation. More on this will be released as the information is made available.

              [end news update]

April 16, 299AP

Imperial Naval Report on Events Northwest of Dignania concerning the ZS Medotia Arrow
and the HMIS Seawolf - (11:33 AM Local Time)

[This naval situation report has been released by the Ministry of Public Information & Customs]

DATE: 16 April 299, 10:57 ZST
TO: Admiral Mikail Indurii, C-in-C Imperial Zartanian Navy
FROM: Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, C-in-C TF 1/7

    Earlier in the week the frigate HMIS Seawolf (F-2) was engaged in pursuit of an apparent armed merchantman which attacked and sunk the freighter ZS Medotia Arrow carrying supplies to the Royal Army in Dignania. According to the reports of survivors, the enemy ship approached under Christiana merchant colors, requesting to travel in company with Medotia Arrow. At a range of approximately 80 yards, the enemy vessel lowered Christiana colors, hoisted the flag of the MCZ, and opened fire with two concealed 12-inch guns. Medotia Arrow was stopped dead with the first salvo, and a few minutes later was sinking. The captain ordered the ship abandoned, and all 16 crewmembers were able to get off. Upon arrival at the site of the attack, CNS Oren and ROMS Inês collected a total of 26 survivors from the water. The ten persons unaccounted for have been identified.

    After departing Claw Anchorage on March 24, Medotia Arrow made a stop in Ras Lanarch on March 31 to refuel and replenish ship's stores. While in port, she picked up another Eastern Zartanian crewmember, and five local volunteers who wished to accompany the ship (after being cleared by local Westrian authorities). This accounts for the extra Eastern Zartanian, and also accounts for why some of the survivors were unrecognizable to us. The other four people picked up by the rescue ships have been positively identified as Dignanian members of the UBD who were working on the deck of the raider. According to what SF3 has been able to glean from them, after finishing off Medotia Arrow, the raider picked up CNS Oren and HMIS Seawolf (F-2) inbound. This caused a panic on the raider, who ordered full speed to escape. The helmsman, however, did not compensate enough for the dramatic increase in speed, and the raider collided briefly with her victim, causing four of the raider's crew to fall overboard. The raider then attempted to escape northward and westward, but was pursued by HMIS Seawolf. After several hours of chase, Captain Trevern finally managed to damage the raider enough to bring it to a full stop. A boarding party was sent over to take possession of the raider. The enemy, however, had already rigged their ship as a booby trap. As the first Eastern Zartanian crewmembers set foot on the raider's deck, a severe explosion was set off destroying the ship completely. Judging from the accounts of the officers and crew of HMIS Seawolf, the enemy apparently ignited their ammunition magazines. The force of the explosion was so great, and HMIS Seawolf so close, that the frigate took moderate damage to her port side, including a slight rupture to one of her fuel tanks.  Until her damage crews fixed the problem, HMIS Seawolf was listing to port for several hours.   HMIS Seawolf suffered 14 dead (10 of which comprised the boarding party) and 18 wounded in the encounter. HMIS Seawolf is currently at a classified location in the Gonnoreia archipelago undergoing temporary repairs to allow her to make it to Haddock Cove for more extensive repairs. Of the four prisoners of war currently in our possession, following the conclusion of their interrogation by SF3, two of them will be returned to Eastern Zartania for trial, one will be turned over to the MLFLD for trial, and one will be turned over to Christiana authorities for trial. I would like to extend a special commendation to the officers and crew of HMIS Seawolf for their gallant actions in attempting to apprehend the enemy vessel and then getting their damaged ship home again. I would also like to extend a special commendation and thank you to the officers and crew of CNS Oren and ROMS Inês for their gallant and selfless actions to rescue the crew of ZS Medotia Arrow, and for cooperating in the capture of four prisoners of  war. The Kingdom of Eastern Zartania is grateful and lucky to have such friends.

              Upper Admiral Angelica Cantonev, IZN
              Commander-in-Chief, Task Force 1/7
              aboard HMIS Warbird (JC-1) off Dignania

April 20, 299 AP

Special Report from HMIS Squid off Dignania - (2:19 PM Local Time)

[This special report from RNS Military Correspondent Ernest Mott has been cleared by the Imperial Zartanian Navy and the Ministry of Public Information & Customs. The report was recorded two days ago.]

MOTT: This is Ernest Mott, RNS, reporting from aboard the Eastern Zartanian missile submarine HMIS Squid somewhere off Dignania. We've been cruising out here in the deep for weeks now, waiting for new attack orders. Since our first and only launch orders nearly a month ago, we've been told by Imperial Naval Headquarters to wait until the time is right. Because this submarine is vulnerable to enemy ASW craft, we've been keeping a relatively low profile, never rising above 300 feet and never going any faster than 6 knots. The crew is restless for a chance to strike at the enemy, and I can't blame them. For several weeks now we've been listening on the towed sonar array to the naval war going on around us. With rapt attention we've listened to the reverberations of successful attacks made by the attack submarine in our patrol grid, and we've "witnessed" the Imperial Navy intercept four surface ships trying to run the blockade. For the last four days we've been running missile drills here aboard ship, but that's a poor substitute for actually...

CONN: Captain to the Conn! Captain to the Conn! Incoming launch message on IZN Frequency 4. Set condition ML2 for possible missile launch.

MOTT: Uh-oh! Sounds like we may actually be seeing some action tonight. I'm going to head to the conning tower and see what's going on.

[in the conning tower]

CHIEF: Captain on deck!

CAPT: As you were. Commander Pegini, you have the message?

EXEC: Yes, sir. Here it is. We've been ordered to standby to receive a coded launch message in 5 minutes.

CAPT: Thank you, Commander. Chief of the Boat, bring us up to 200 feet, and stand by to receive priority transmission from IZN Headquarters.

[minutes later]

EXEC: Message received, sir. IZN transmission code verified. The message is authentic.

CAPT: Very well. Thank you, Mr. Pegini. Weapons, Conn.

WEAPONS: Weapons here.

CAPT: This is the captain. You are ordered to prepare missile tubes 2 through 6 and 19 through 23 for launch. You will program the missiles with the coordinates just downloaded into the boat's computer from IZN Headquarters.

EXEC: Weapons, this is Commander Pegini. Receipt of launch order is confirmed, as is the captain's order.

WEAPONS: Conn, Weapons. Aye aye, sir. Readying tubes 2 through 6 and 19 through 23 for launch. Programming missiles with coordinates in the boat's computer, aye.

CAPT: Weapons, Conn. Estimate time to launch.

WEAPONS: Conn, Weapons. Estimate 15 minutes to launch-readiness.

CAPT: Chief, bring the boat to launch depth. Sound general quarters. All hands to battle stations missile! All   hands to battle stations missile. Set condition ML1 for confirmed missile launch.

[three minutes later]

CHIEF: Sir, all stations report manned and ready. The boat is at launch depth, 150 feet, and standing by.

CAPT: Thank you, Chief. Sonar, Conn.

SONAR: Sonar here.

CAPT: Sonar, Conn. Give me a sound check prior to launch. I don't want to alert any enemy ships that we're here.

SONAR: Conn, Sonar. Detecting two contacts on sonar. Both surface contacts. Designating the closest one Contact 18, and the farthest one Contact 19. Contact 18 has high-pitch screws. I think she's a King Bruno Class Destroyer, making turns for 28 knots. Contact 19 has three screws making slow revolutions. The computer ID's it as a Type II Phenixian fuel carrier. She sounds loaded, and making turns for 23 knots trying to run the blockade. Contact 18 is moving to intercept. The screen shows clear for other contacts.

CAPT: Sonar, Conn. Acknowledged. Keep listening during the launch sequence. I want to know the minute you hear anything.

SONAR: Aye, sir.

CAPT: Weapons, Conn.

WEAPONS: Weapons here. Missile prep almost done.

CAPT: Weapons, Conn. Good. Run a pre-launch diagnostic on all missiles, and standby to open tube hatches.

WEAPONS: Conn, Weapons. Running diagnostic. Green lights across the board except for number 3, sir. Repeat, missile number 3 shows a red light.

CAPT: Weapons, Conn. Stand down numbers 3 and 22, and switch to numbers 7 and 18. When you get green across the board, make all tubes ready and open outer hatches.

WEAPONS: Conn, Weapons. Switching missiles, aye. [silence the clacking of a keyboard] Missiles switched. We have green lights across the board. Repeat, Conn, we are go for missile launch. All tubes are ready, and outer hatches are open. Standing by to launch.

CAPT: Sonar, Conn. Give me one last check on the scope.

SONAR: Conn, Sonar. Contact 18 is still closing Contact 19. Otherwise, the scope is clear.

CAPT: Weapons, Conn. This is the captain. Remove firing safeties for the appropriate missiles, and run a final check on targeting computers.

WEAPONS: Conn, Weapons. Firing safeties have been removed. Target data checks out. We are ready for launch.

CAPT: Weapons, Conn. When I give the order, you will fire missile number 2, to be followed every 30 seconds by another missile.

WEAPONS: Conn, Weapons. Every 30 seconds, aye, sir.

CAPT: Weapons, Conn. This is the captain, acting under authorization from IZN Headquarters. Insert the firing key. Missile number 2, fire!

[5 minutes later]

WEAPONS: Conn, Weapons. All ten missiles have been fired electronically, have broken the surface, and are en route. ETA to targets, approximately one hour 15 minutes.

CAPT: Weapons, Conn. Acknowledged. Good job. Close outer hatches. All hands, secure from condition ML1 and battle stations missile. Set condition N. Communications, Conn. Send a message to IZN Headquarters acknowledging missile launch. Chief, once the message has been sent, take us back down to 600 feet and resume cruising. Well done, everyone!

[end report recording]

April 21, 299AP

Imperial Naval Report on the war in Dignania - (12:30 PM Local Time)

On behalf of His Royal Majesty, King Bruno II, I bid greetings to the States of Vexillium.

    The Imperial Zartanian Navy's missile submarine force made yet another impact on the war in Dignania three days ago. Saturday night, April 17, the missile submarine HMIS Squid (SCM-1) operating off Dignania launched 10 cruise missiles into UBD-held territory. Sources inside enemy territory indicate that all 10 missiles reached their targets. Three missiles were aimed at the UBD-held military base just south of the city of Carlsbad, where the civil war first broke out. Two other missiles targeted the port facilities in the city of Mosul, and the other five missiles were fired at the former Dignanian capital, Montpelier, at the request of MLFLD officials. This constitutes the first allied assault against Montpelier since the war broke out in February, and should serve as a warning to the UBD that we can and will reach any and all targets inside Dignania. The extent of the damage done by the missile strikes has not yet been determined, but intelligence sources indicate that the damage could be extensive.

More information on Eastern Zartanian naval operations will be released as events warrant.

May Honor and Glory grace the Nations of Vexillium for Eternity.

Fleet Admiral Mikail Indurii, IZN
Commander-in-Chief, Imperial Zartanian Navy
on behalf of His Royal Majesty, King Bruno II vun Q'Leist

RNS broadcast center - (6:00 PM Local Time)

RNS Special Report: War Diaries from Dignania

[This is the start of a weekly news program dealing the war in Dignania.  The program will be run from RNS news center and hosted by news anchor Josh Macgregor.]

Macgregor:  “Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to the start of a new program dedicated to news and events revolving around the war in Dignania.  Our goal is to provide the public with up to date and accurate reports about the war.  As everyone knows, the war in Dignania has been going on for almost two months and in that time, the tragedy has spread from the shores of Dignania to Eastern Zartania.  Thousands of people from Dignania and Eastern Zartania have died in this war and more are sure to follow.  We have already seen desperate battles in Montpelier, Ladysmith, the Rokariyn Mountains, and Demiéville.  Trench warfare has now become the mode of combat, beginning a new phase of horror to the men and women.  The seas have also erupted as the blockade of Dignania by KTZ naval forces has turned violent. KTZ submarines continue to hunt enemy ships as reports of UBD surface raiders terrorize the shipping lanes.  One only has to remember the attack on the ZS Medotia Arrow last week to realize that the war is spreading.  This conflict now affects Eastern Zartania.  Terrorist bombings throughout the Kingdom have claimed countless lives and martial law has frayed the nerves of even the most temperate people.  People walk the streets worried if at any moment a bomb will go off.  No one trusts anyone.

    Many see the war as a conflict of conscience and identity. Both Dignania and Eastern Zartania are struggling to define themselves.  The struggle is painful as seen nightly at television and radio.  The MCZ and UBD present one identity while MLFLD and KTZ provide an opposing identity.  Each side is trying to unify their respective countries under one vision and both sides are willing to die for it.  Until this war is over, the peace and quiet of life before will not return.

    I now turn to John Turturo of RNS who will provide a general outlook of the war and a description of operations currently underway.  Later, we will hear live from Sam Young, ChenTV in Dignania.  First of all, John Turturo:

Turturo:  Thank you, Josh.  The war in Dignania is heading into its ninth week.  Most of April has seen the MLFLD and UBD fortifying their positions along the Ambrosio Line.  No major operations are currently underway and fighting is mostly localized along the front in the form of shelling and small raids in the trenches.  The rest of the time, soldiers dig to expand the already extensive trench system.   Most of the attention by the MLFLD military leadership is centered on the large hill called the “Citadel” in the eastern Rokariyn Mountains.  After several failed attempts to force the UBD off the hill, the MLFLD has built fortifications around the hill and as I speak, are continuing to reinforce the area.  Most military analysts believe that the hill will be the focus of the next offensive by the UBD.

    The newest 24,000 KTZ soldiers disembarked from Kasama on April 8-9.  The new force is commanded Brigadier Robert Shelkin and is made up of the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Regiments Royal Engineers; the 2nd, 9th, 17th, and 18th Royal Medical Regiments; the 5th Royal Communications Regiment; the 2nd Regiment Royal Army Police; the 1st, 8th, 9th, 10th, 17th, 28th, 37th, and 39th Royal Supply Regiments; the 3rd and 4th Regiments Royal Anti-Aircraft; the 23rd Regiment Royal Field Artillery; and the 3rd, 10th, and 15th Regiments Royal Infantry. For the last week and a half, these 24,000 troops have been training for conditions in Dignania.  Most of the soldiers' equipment has arrived in country, except for field artillery and anti-air batteries; their equipment will arrive next week.  This new force will be put under the overall command of LT-General Kenneth Calcaterra in the eastern sector. The engineering regiments will be used to establish staging areas for future operations and to build fortifications along the Ambrosio Line, while the combat units move in to help relieve the battered 34th Regiment Royal Infantry.  The new units should move into position by the end of this week.  Now back to you Josh.

Macgregor:  Thank you John for that report about Dignania. Now when reporting on a war, information is always a difficult commodity to obtain.  Governments, leaders, and generals want to control the flow of information to the public.  It is a constant struggle between the press and government over what gets told and how it gets reported.  In this respect the war in Dignania is no different, but there is a new twist, as the reporters have now become part of the story.  The UBD has refused every request about sending reporters behind UBD lines.  There is a complete news black out in the UBD-controlled areas.  They won’t allow any international monitoring organizations or even humanitarian organizations to enter their territory. One of the only sources behind the lines is Scott Edwards of the UBD Revolutionary Press, but most people outside the UBD consider Edwards as a propaganda tool for the UBD and nothing else.  Most don’t trust his sources or his objectivity in his reporting.  The only other communication in UBD territory is from RNS reporter Sergei Gostov who joined an MLFLD resistance group in the Witzleben Mountains after the fall of the Dignanian capital, Montpelier.  The problem is that his reports are few and far between, but they are nonetheless important, for they provide the only creditable information behind UBD control territory.  Everything we have heard up to now is rumor and conjecture. Luckily, the MLFLD government has allowed reporters access to their territory and we thank them for their support.

    Now back to the reporters becoming part of the story.  Ever since the beginning of the war, reporters have exposed themselves to danger to get the story.  In February, RNS reporter Vince Stamos broke the story of Carlsbad being run over by the UBD.  Since then we have heard no word of his whereabouts.  The List goes on: RNS reporter Alan Smith, MIA; Anna Salyers of the Montpelier Daily Press, MIA; Roger Neal of DGN, MIA; Allan Saltman of DGN, MIA; and many more.  The UBD government has refused any and all access or communication with them.  They won’t even allow international observers to visit them. UBD spokesmen just say the reporters are doing well and are being held only for their own protection. Here at RNS, we hope that these reporters are still live and unharmed.   We now turn to Sam Young’s taped report from the Rokariyn Mountains in Central Dignania.

Young: “The men of Company A of the 20th MLFLD Infantry division are cleaning up the mess from last night’s artillery barrage by the UBD.  At three in the morning, the quiet of the night was disrupted by the sudden attack.  About two dozen shells landed in and around the first and second line of trenches here on Sad Hill. Luckily, most soldiers were in their hollowed out bunkers so casualties were limited to one killed and four wounded.
This morning’s sunrise brought another day of waiting.  After almost a month and a half of heavy fighting, the men here are uneasy with the quiet, stillness of war in the trenches.  There is no longer any advancing or retreating, just sitting.  At first, the men were overjoyed with the prospect of staying in one place, but now after almost three weeks of digging, fortifying and more digging, the idea of going some where is starting to become appealing.  Many men have reported feeling claustrophobic in the trenches.  One soldier, Pvt. Charles Ramey, said “the walls of the
trench feel like they’re closing in on you. Day after day, I sit huddled behind walls of dirt, rock, and wood.  The walls are at least two feet above my head and the only sky I see is when I look strait up.  We never see the horizon anymore because of the fear of being shot.  My daily routine involves walking up at four o’clock in the morning to stand watch for five hours.  Then I walk down the trench to the regimental-dining bunker for mid-morning breakfast of hard bread and oatmeal like substance.  I then return to my station along the trench and well, just stand or sit there for another four or five hours.  Luckily, around three o’clock I’m replaced and I have some time to myself, if you can call it that.  I sit in a cubbyhole of a bunker talking or reading.  Sometimes a card game will start and I will join in.  The funny thing is, we play for rocks because pay is about non-existent here.  Oh, the government says we will get paid, but I’m not holding my breath.”

     I then asked him how he felt about not being paid and about the war itself.  Once he heard my questions, Pvt. Ramey stiffened up and said, “Now don’t get me wrong, I joined to fight against the UBD and I believe in our cause.  I do not want you to report that I was unpatriotic and a weakling.  Yes, I might complain, but I would die for the MLFLD.”

    We talked for a little more and then I asked a friend of his, Sgt. Barry Hsiao, about his reactions to trench life and the war.  He responded “the trenches with all the waiting and worrying involved is tough on a man’s nerves.  After a month of moving, we find ourselves stuck in the middle of no where with no way of know how the war is going.  We can’t see the enemy, but we know that he is there.  I guess the main problem is tension, tension of waiting for something to happen.  I can sense that the UBD will attack, but until they do, the nervousness just eats at you.  It is at its worst, during artillery barrages.  You sit huddled in cave as shells come crashing down all around you.  The ground shakes so violently that you think any minute a shell is going to land right on top of you and cave in the bunker.  Of course that has happened.  Last week during a particular nasty artillery barrage that lasted over three hours, a bunker collapsed killing six people.  The hope of everyone here is that trench life is a temporary thing because sooner or later, men will become stir crazy.”  I thanked him for his honestly and let him return to his duties.

    Two days ago, the Central Sector commander, Duke of Avion, visited this section of the trenches.  He walked along the trenches with the Regimental commander, Colonel Khan, and company commander Captain Tim Driver and talked to the men.  By my count he had at least ten people in his entourage.  The Duke’s uniform looked like he was preparing to go to Ball instead of the front lines. The uniform was dark blue with red lapels and white lace around the edges.  There were also funny looking metals on his left breast.  Several men snickered at the sight.  The Duke ignored them and asked the soldiers how they were doing and if they had complaints.  Many complained about the poor supply system, which takes several days to get food and supplies up to the frontline trenches.  They also complained about the living conditions.  Duke of Avion thanked the men for their dedication to duty and for their sacrifices for the cause of freedom.  He also stated that as soon as he returns to headquarters he will personally look into the supply problems.  The Duke then thanked the Colonel and then left with his entourage.  As soon as the Duke was out of earshot, a soldier spoke harshly, “Bloody peacock, I wonder if he’s seen a day of fighting in his whole life.” Upon hearing the comment, Colonel Khan turned in direction of the group of men where the comment originated with eyes full of anger, then suddenly, his facial expressions soften and he even smiled.  He then told the men to return to their stations.

    The war in Rokariyn Mountains continues in this matter day after day.  The soldiers only hope that one day they can go home.  Sam Young, ChenTV, reporting from Rokariyn Mountains with A company of the 20th MLFLD Regiment.”

Pvt Charles Ramey

[Back to RNS center and Anchor Josh Macgregor]

Macgregor:  In other news, the blockade continues as KTZ warships patrol around Dignania looking for ships trying to slip past.   A KTZ naval spokesman said that from April 5-21 nine ships have been turned away, 5 have been boarded, and three have been seized; two carrying military supplies to the Dignania and one leaving UBD territorial waters.   Most of the incidents have been non-violent, except on one of the seized ships where a short firefight broke out.  The spokesman would not give any details except to say that no KTZ naval personnel were harmed.  When pressed about how effective the blockade was, the KTZ spokesman said that 75% of all ships entering the war zone have been turned away, but he admits ships still get through.  He continues by saying that the blockade will be airtight as more KTZ ships arrive to take up position.

    On April 18, the KTZ navy gave a briefing detailing the submarine operations around Dignania.  The briefing stated that from April 1 to the 18th, the KTZ submarine forces sank three ships and damaged two, which were forced back into UBD controlled ports.  The ships sunk have been identified as the freighter Huntington out of the port Badme, the trawler Wisby out of the port of Naka, and the freighter Zeeland out of port of Brokenburg.  The damaged ships were identified as the freighters Osbern out of the port of York Beach and Lion out of the port of Mosul.  The navy official admitted that some ships have escaped the blockade. He gave an example; the tanker Justice was leaving the port of Brokenburg on April 9.  The KTZ submarine stationed in that sector was preparing to attack the ship when a UBD helicopter appeared heading toward the area.  The captain of the submarine believed that the helicopter had ASW capabilities so he ordered his boat to back off.  Through the use of radar and sonar, the captain was able to determine that the helicopter shadowed the tanker until it was out of range.  At first opportunity, the captain of the submarine radioed the nearest KTZ warship so they could try to intercept the ship.  Unfortunately, the closest KTZ ship was busy dealing with another ship and the tanker escaped.  Incidents like this highlight some of the problems involved with blockading such a large country, but as more KTZ warships and aircraft are made available, the blockade will become airtight.

Macgregor:  Now for news from Eastern Zartania: Martial Law continues as KTZ military forces make house to house searches for suspected MCZ members.  No new bombings have been reported over the last week.  Dignanian Ambassador Moe Foulkes is still under house arrest after shooting Mr. Morden at the courthouse.  His fate is still to be determined by the MLFLD and KTZ leadership.  Well that concludes tonight’s show: War Diaries from Dignania.  We hope to see you next week, Good night.

April 23, 299AP

Somewhere in the Witzleben Mountain Range(4:43AM Local Time)

(A radio transmission from Sergei Gostov.  The transmission is weak and at some points garbled)

     “This is Sergei Gostov reporting deep in the Witzleben Mountain Range.  We’re under the cover of darkness right now, which thankfully allows the group a chance to rest.  For the last two weeks, we have been on the run from UBD patrols.  The daytime is especially difficult because they are using helicopters to try to track resistance groups like ours down.  Whenever a helicopter passes by, we have to hide within the brush and hope they don’t see us.  I don’t know how much more I can take of this running and hiding.  It has tired me out, both mind and body.  Sometimes I fall asleep even while I’m walking and I don’t know the last time I had a good meal, but I’m digressing.
    Since the beginning of April, The resistance group has been in two firefights.  The first one happened on April 5 and involved attacking a supply convoy heading toward Montpelier.  The second one happened a few days later.  We were walking through thick underbrush, when suddenly automatic rifle fire erupted.  I jumped to the ground behind a bush.  The shooting lasted for only a few minutes and then just like it started it suddenly stopped.  Upon further investigation, Garibaldi found no bodies or blood trails, just empty shell casings.  To this day, we don’t know who attacked us.  Garibaldi thinks that it could have been bandits, but he wasn’t sure.  Unfortunately, one our group was shot in the face and killed.  His name was Joseph Taylor from the city of Samsum.  He was a quiet fellow who looked more at home as schoolteacher then a freedom fighter.  He had only joined the group a week before the shooting.  I never did get to know him. Anyway, we buried him and continued on our way.
    As I said before, since those firefights, we have just been running and hiding.  Food and ammunition is in short supply and Garibaldi says that in a day or two we will search for a convoy to attack.  The weather is becoming warmer, but every so often a cool mountain breeze reminds us that summer is still far off.  The group consists of thirty-two members and by now, all the weaklings have been pushed aside.  As I sit here talking into the transmitter, I can see Garibaldi is talking to his second in command, a man by the name of Zack Allen.  The two of them have known each other since before the war and are close friends.  Together they make a deadly combination when it comes to partisan warfare.
    Now before I sign off, I have to mention a strange event that occurred a few days ago.  We were walking along a ridge in the southern edge of the Witzleben Mountains when we noticed activity down below in a small valley running parallel to the ridge.  For several minutes, we watched from behind rocks that overlooked the valley.  Through the used of binoculars, Garibaldi determined that UBD soldiers were standing guard while several dozen men dug a large trench.  At first, I thought they were digging a defensive position, but Garibaldi quickly corrected me.  He said that it couldn’t have been a defensive position because the ridges overlook it and thus can put fire down upon the trench.  He continued by saying that it would make more sense if they built the trench here on top of the ridge.  We watched for another half-hour until UBD patrols started to get thick around us.  Most people in the group figure that it was some kind of military exercise.  All I know is that the last thing I saw before we turned north into the mountains was several trucks arriving.  To this day, I don’t know what they were doing.  Well, I must sign off before the batteries become to low.  This is Sergei Gostov, RNS, reporting in the Witzleben Mountain Range.”

April 26, 299AP

News of the 34th Regiment in the Eastern Rokariyn Mountians in Dignania- (10:00 AM Local Time)

[approved and released by the Ministry of Public Information & Customs]

    This is Malcolm Arnot of ChenTV, reporting from the trenches with the Eastern Zartanian 34th Regiment Royal Infantry. The night is pitch black here in the Rokariyn Mountains, and the silence has descended upon the line like a blanket. For the first time in the past two days, the guns in this sector of trench are quiet. The troops of the 34th, however, don't actually realize this silence is happening. They've been "in the line," constantly fighting for over five weeks, and it's beginning to show. The regiment has not been treated kindly by this war. Arriving fresh from Eastern Zartania as that government's first token of resistance on the ground, the 34th was immediately thrown into the fight by the MLFLD, who was attempting to stem the tide of the UBD assault from the south. Marching straight off the ship and into combat, the men and women of the 34th had no chance to ponder their fate, no chance to take in the once lush countryside, no chance to acclimate themselves to the reality of being in Dignania, no chance for training, and were operating purely off the adrenaline of being in a new place with a fear for one's life. This adrenaline has kept these brave soldiers on the move for five weeks, but the fatigue is beginning to show. After the regiment's mauling last month in combat with UBD armored forces, the war in Dignania settled into trench warfare. This kind of fighting is not generally taught in Eastern Zartanian military establishments. It's not their way. Their way is fast strikes, with armor, always on the move. Now they sit or stand in the dirt of the trenches. There's no chance for a shower, no chance to clean the grime off oneself. "Privacy" is a term that has become slightly skewed, and applies only to the officers, who have a thin veil of cloth hung across the entrance to their underground huts. Conversation is sparse among the soldiers, because of fatigue or because of the constant shelling. No one knows anymore, and I don't think it matters.

    Since the Battle of Chandler's Farm against the UBD armored troops, the 34th has known no rest. As the UBD forces began to retreat before the combined MLFLD ground attack and the Eastern Zartanian air and naval assaults, the 34th was ordered forward as well. Due to their casualties from the battle, however, the regiment was used for reserve, and followed behind the MLFLD units spearheading the counterattack. After clearing the city of Demieville, during which time the 34th was stationed outside the city to help contain the UBD units inside, the line pushed on toward the foothills of the Rokariyn Mountains. Once in the mountains, the offensive quickly ground to a halt, as UBD troops skillfully used the terrain to their advantage to throw back all attempts by the MLFLD to dislodge them. A brief counter-push by the UBD pushed the allied forces back a mile from their farthest extent. At that point, the entire front began settling into trench warfare.

    For over two weeks now, the 34th and MLFLD troops along the front have dug into their territory, creating great elaborate trenchworks. The 34th Regiment, because of its stellar performance at Chandler's Farm and the losses it's taken on behalf of the MLFLD cause, has been "granted a reprieve," and has been placed in the reserve trench. It's not much of a reprieve, though, as enemy artillery can still range our position. In this sector of the front, the enemy trenches are only 100 yards from ours, and the No Man's Land in between has become a twisted alien landscape of shell craters, barbed wire, and bodies. The ground looks as though it has been literally ripped and torn asunder here. Indeed, the ground shows what everyone else is feeling: we've all been torn apart. Everyday, the war grinds us down a little further. The troops of the Eastern Zartanian 34th Regiment are perhaps taking it the hardest. Sitting in the reserve trench all day being shelled without the chance to retaliate, stuck in an immobile war unlike what they're trained to do, and living and fighting through carnage such as this in their first combat experience ever. It's been a frightening road that these men and women have traveled. What keeps them going is their sense of duty and honor. They can't just abandon what they came to do, and they plan to stick it out as long as they have to.

    Yesterday, intense UBD shelling demolished a section of frontline trench directly in front of the 34th's current position. 100 yards of MLFLD trench were destroyed, burying several hundred MLFLD soldiers alive. The work has been on-going by the other flanking units to dig out the buried men and reform the trench. Rumors are circulating through the officer corps of the 34th Regiment that we'll soon be ordered to move forward and take possession of the reformed trench. All around me the troops are readying their packs to move, cleaning their guns, and grabbing their ammunition and food. What meager food they can find. The standard MRE's that are sent with every combat unit ran out last week, and the regiment hasn't been resupplied yet. The troops have been forced to eat old K-rations to try to sustain themselves. The MLFLD supply lines have been shattered in recent days. The overcast and foggy conditions have lended themselves to the UBD, who's been sending over wave after wave of propeller-driven aircraft that bomb and strafe the supply lines. Hand-held SAMs have trouble tracking these aircraft, and the fighters of the Royal Zartanian Air Force can't take off to engage them. The UBD has had their way with our supply lines, and the front line troops are paying for it. Several soldiers fell sick this past weekend, primarily from malnurishment. When I talked to Sub-Colonel Fernalld, commanding officer of the regiment, he said that he was fervently hoping that the next supply convoy from Eastern Zartania would bring with it not only supplies but supply regiments to help "fix this damned mess. The Dignanians are good soldiers, but they don't know how to supply an army in the field." He, and the rest of the soldiers of the 34th, are also hoping for some more regiments to relieve them so that they can return home. This is Malcolm Arnot, report from the reserve trench of the 34th Regiment Royal Infantry for ChenTV, somewhere in eastern Dignania.

RNS Headline News - (12:00PM Local Time)

[broadcast from the RNS Temporary News Center in Q'Leist, Drilastia]

Here at the latest headlines from around the Kingdom, its dependencies, and the rest of Vexillium.

Since the establishment of martial law last month, the Kingdom's overall crime rate has been cut by two-thirds to the lowest rate in 85 years. So far, the house-by-house searches have resulted in the arrest of over 30,000 subversives and their collaborators. Five thousand of those were released following interrogation, and 12,000 have already been convicted and sentenced. The Royal Court of Judges is currently predicting that the end of the searches will ultimately result in over one million arrests, though not all of those will be convicted.

Yesterday, the Royal Army met its first armed resistance to the martial law decree and search order, as citizens from the mountaintop town of Stanardston armed with hunting rifles and shotguns blocked the only road leading to the town. The tense stand-off between the citizens and the Royal Army ended three hours later when an artillery unit from the Royal Army dropped a shell in the center of Stanardston, convincing the citizens to stand down or see their town destroyed. The subsequent search of the town revealed seven MCZ members, four ZRM members, and over a hundred collaborators, who were all arrested.

Another terrorist bomb was detonated in Cazniev yesterday, just two weeks after the Royal Army declared the city cleared of MCZ. The bomb, detonated across the street from the Royal Army barracks, resulted in eight people injured, though no one was killed. Major General Debra Krantzik, military governor of Guldavya, said that "maybe we need to consider Cazniev's status as cleared of MCZ."

The Kingdom's largest oil rig built within Eastern Zartanian territorial waters began operation early this morning off the coast of Northern Peninsula. Placed over the North-Zartanian Field, Rig 017, established by Royal Zartanian Petroleum, employs over 400 people, and is being protected by a frigate of the Imperial Navy's coastal defense force.

Three confessed and convicted MCZ members were hanged in the stek capital of Darenall at noon yesterday.

Two MCZ members were arrested last night at Claw Anchorage Naval Base near Berth 1, where HMIS Victorious is moored. The two were arrested by Royal Army personnel because they were "acting in a suspicious manner." Two medium-sized explosive devices were found on them, and a preliminary interrogation by SF3 indicates that they were on a mission to destroy HMIS Victorious as a symbol to the rest of the movement. HMIS Victorious, a 74-gun ship of the line, is the oldest commissioned warship in the Imperial Navy, and still serves as its flagship.

The Grand Court of the Stek of Dragoonta announced that the trial of Whitlamite citizen Julia Denton will begin on Thursday in the stek capital, Dragon Cave. Ms. Denton is charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government, conspiracy to incite rebellion abroad, conspiracy to incite internal rebellion, disobeying a Royal decree, conspiracy to commit murder, and conspiracy to commit regicide. The trial will be broadcast on KTZ-TV.

Dignanian ambassador Moe Foulkes is still being held under house arrest in the embassy while the Ministry of Foreign Relations negotiates with MLFLD authorities concerning his pending trial. Ministry officials indicate that they believe a breakthrough is near. Ambassador Foulkes shot the late convicted MCZ officer Theodore Morden following Morden's trial before the High Court.

Using information obtained from MCZ conspirators that have been arrested and interrogated, the Royal Army attacked an eliminated another MCZ cell, this time in Castle Axanar. All ten members of the cell were killed in the engagement. The Royal Army, however, suspects that other cells are also operating in the city.

On information recently obtained from interrogated MCZ members, the Royal Army this morning arrested Governor-General Alyce Poskan and her family at their estate outside Ghorillyan. The estate has been confiscated by the Royal Government. Governor-General Poskan and her family are changed with belonging to an illegal political party, conspiracy to overthrow the government, conspiracy to commit regicide, embezzlement, fraud, misuse of Royal funds, and murder. They are currently being interrogated by SF3.

The Imperial Navy announced today that it is reorganizing the seven task forces that it is currently divided among so that the maximum operational warships will be available at all times. The Imperial Navy also confirmed that two more Eastern Zartanian supply ships were attacked and sunk by unknown forces in the Polaris Ocean 300 miles north of Ferrata. Fleet Admiral Indurii has ordered that Eastern Zartanian ships are no longer allowed to travel alone, and must be in convoy. He has also vowed the the Imperial Navy will put an end to such raiding.

The Royal Air Force confirmed that three squadrons are now operating from the Dignanian mainland in that war. Supplementing the 3rd Fighter Squadron's F-11s already there are the 1st Fighter Squadron flying F-12 "Birds-of-Prey" and the 7th Fighter Squadron also flying F-12s. Plans are currently in the works to transfer the 2nd and 4th Fighter-Bomber Squadrons, the 2nd and 5th Bomber Squadrons, and the 1st Attack Squadron from Haddock Cove to Dignania.

The Royal Army confirmed rumors today that it is, indeed, planning on transferring even more troops to Dignania to take part in that country's civil war. General vun Orcton said that the transfer would include "a large armor contingent," but would not cite any specific units. So far, 26,000 Eastern Zartanian soldiers are present in Dignania, and a troop convoy carrying another 36,000 is scheduled to leave Claw Anchorage later this week.

TFZ Commissioner Karl Muskal said this morning that the war in Dignania and the martial law situation inside the Kingdom have "irreparably damaged this year's soccer season." With martial law in effect, the TFZ's domestic schedule has been placed on hold for fear of future terrorist bombings during the games. Commissioner Muskal has said that he is considering asking the Royal Government for permission to seek foreign locations at which to play the games.

This concludes today's RNS Headline News update.

Ministry of Public Information message from Eastern Zartania - (9:00PM Local Time)

           [drafted and cleared by the Ministry of Public Information & Customs]

    Dugas Aerospace, Inc., one of Eastern Zartania's largest aircraft manufacturers, and a large supplier of Eastern Zartanian military aircraft, has just completed the first delivery order of the brand new AF-133 "Devastator" ground attack aircraft for the MLFLD. The AF-133 is a technological step backwards in an attempt to counter enemy anti-air technology. The current problem facing allied aircraft over Dignania is the massive proliferation of both handheld and battery SAMs held by the UBD. These missiles lock onto the heat signatures from allied jet engines, and home on that heat, destroying the aircraft. The AF-133 employs an air-cooled piston engine that drives a four-bladed propellor. We believe that this lack of a jet engine will enable the AF-133 to evade UBD surface-to-air missiles, while fulfilling its role of ground support. The AF-133's structural integrity is designed to be able to take several large-caliber AA hits at low level and still fly home. As an added bonus, the AF-133 is easy and relatively cheap to mass produce, the parts are all interchangeable, and the aircraft is easy to fly, thus making it the perfect purchase for the MLFLD's fledgling air force. The AF-133 is also armed with 8 .50-caliber machine guns in the wings, and can carry an officially classified payload of more than 1,000 pounds of bombs or rockets. It's speed is still officially classified, as is its range. Immediately after the Eastern Zartanian declaration of hostilities, the MLFLD placed an order with Dugas Aerospace for no less than 80 of these versatile aircraft. Today marks the completion of the first 20 now ready for delivery to Dignania. These aircraft have been painted to MLFLD specifications, complete with roundel, and are now preparing to be flown to Albion, where they will be embarked aboard the aircraft carrier HMIS Bird-of-Prey for transit to Dignania. We hope that this first shipment of fighters for the MLFLD serves its masters well, and helps bring a quicker end to this terrible war. Questions regarding additional information about this aircraft or any other we produce should be directed to the Ministry of Public Information & Customs.

Dame Anastasia Dugas, K.Sc.
CEO & President of Dugas Aerospace, Inc.

Diagrams of the AF-133 "Devastator"

Data for AF-133

Crew: 1, engine: 1 x Young & Belcher R-2800-59G Double Asp,
1890kW, wingspan: 40.78ft, length: 36.15ft, wing area: 300ft², start
mass: 17,500 lbs, empty mass: 9950 lbs, max speed: 433mph, range
w/max.fuel: 1,900mi, armament: 8 x .50 caliber MG, 2,500 lbs of weapons.

April 28, 299AP


Western Rokariyn Mountains along the Ambrosio Line – (2:00AM Local Time) Good evening, reports out of Dignania indicate that a major attack is currently underway.  Early word suggests that the UBD could be launching attack against the Ambrosio Line in the Western Sector of the MLFLD front, but this has yet to be confirmed.  To this point, no word has been heard from the MLFLD and KTZ about the nature or size of the attack.  In fact, any information received thus far is unreliable and confusing.  There are rumors of intense shelling and massed infantry attacks, but again, they are only rumors.  As soon as more information becomes available, RNS will report it.  Until then, stay tuned.

Dignanian Civil War update from the Kingdon of Eastern Zartania - (12:00PM Local Time)

[Information compiled from press conferences early this morning by the heads of the Eastern Zartanian armed forces. Cleared for release by the Ministry of Public Information & Customs.]

    The results of last week's cruise missile attack on UBD-held southern Dignania have been released by the Royal Zartanian Air Force. Aerial reconnaissance photos taken by one of the RZAF's new R-7 "BlackStar" aircraft show the extent of the damage wrecked by the 10 missiles launched from the submarine HMIS Squid (SCM-1). In the photos taken over the UBD capital, Montpelier, the impact areas of five of the missiles can be clearly seen. Two missiles hit the local army group headquarters, destroying the building completely. Another missile hit the courthouse in the northeastern sector of the city, which was rumored to be housing MCZ liaison officers. The fourth missile hit the Montpelier power station, knocking out all electricity over a 20-mile radius. The fifth missile, aimed at the local television broadcast center landed one block away in a residential area. One apartment building was completely destroyed, and three more damaged in the attack. The Royal Government has expressed sorrow at the loss of innocent civilian lives, but maintains that this is war, and civilian casualties happen in war no matter how you try to avoid it. Photographs of Mosul show that the two missiles aimed at that city destroyed approximately one-third of the port facilities there, and damaged at least two freighters in port at the time. Aerial surveillance of the army base just south of Carlsbad also shows extensive damage. One missile clearly impacted a barracks area on the base, completely destroying it. Another missile hit near the base headquarters doing damage to the headquarters building, briefing building, and the base communications center. The third missile impacted the base's vehicle lot, creating a crater 30 yards wide and destroying or heavily damaging several tanks, trucks, and armored vehicles. The Imperial Zartanian Navy has declared the missile strike a complete success, though the exact numbers of enemy casualties have yet to be determined. Fleet Admiral Indurii was quoted as saying, "Now the UBD knows that we can strike them anywhere and at anytime. And we're going to keep striking them until this is over!" Fleet Admiral Indurii would not comment on the likelihood of more missile attacks in the near future.

    Elements of the Imperial Navy's surface blockade boarded and seized another ship attempting to run the blockade. The freighter Mystic was boarded at gunpoint and searched by crewmembers of the guided missile cruiser HMIS Lieutenant (GC-4) after the freighter was seen to be sailing under the flag of the Communist Party of Whitlam. The search of the ship revealed a hidden cache of several thousand automatic rifles and grenades en route to UBD forces. The ship has been seized as a prize of war and is current en route to Haddock Cove where the weapons will be confiscated. The crew will be turned over to Whitlamite authorities in Port Julian. A spokesman for the Royal Council said that he expects Whitlam to prosecute the crew just as vigorously as the Kingdom would. Another transport aircraft attempting to fly supplies into southern Dignania was shot down over the war zone yesterday as well. The aircraft, identifying itself as a UPRMI transport, was clearly identified as a military transport airplane with UBD markings. One Surface-to-Air Missile was launched from the frigate HMIS Cutlass (F-11), which impacted the airplane just behind the wing struts, and broke it in half. The frigate immediately arrived on the scene of the wreckage, but no survivors were found. A subsequent search of the wreckage found medical supplies, food, several boxes of ammunition, and the airplane's cargo manifest. This manifest indicates that the plane was also carrying rifles, land mines, and communications equipment. This is the fourth transport that has been shot down by Eastern Zartanian naval forces enforcing the blockade of southern Dignania, and several more have turned back before being fired upon. Intelligence sources indicate, however, that several more aircraft are likely slipping through, as only a limited number of ships are on patrol, and there is no air patrol of the area.

              [end of report]

April 29, 299AP

Suburbs of Montpelier(11:30AM Local Time) This is Scott Edwards reporting from the western suburbs of the Dignanian capital of Montpelier.  Yesterday, the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania announced to Vexillium about their so-called glorious missile attack against the UBD.  They claim that they hit vital military areas across Southern Dignania, including Montpelier.  They went on to admit that they did “accidentally” hit a civilian target, but then quickly stated that they were not aiming for them.  I’m here today to report the truth behind those missile attacks and to prove that the KTZ is lying. Most of the missiles did not hit military targets, but rather civilian houses and shops in Montpelier and Mosul.  Last week’s missile attack caused tremendous damage to civilian sectors of Montpelier.  People are still cleaning up after the attack.  Many people were left homeless and are only now beginning to piece back together their lives.  I saw children playing in among the ruins because their playground was now a crater.  I heard stories from citizens of how they lost everything they owned due to the KTZ attack.  They also cursed the KTZ and MLFLD for causing such pain.  Earlier today as I walked down a residential street that was hit by a missile, I viewed the damage with anger.  How can Vexillium not see the evil that the KTZ is committing against the people of Dignania?

    UBD officials did say that an army barracks was hit in southern Dignania near Carlsbad, but damaged was limited.  The rest of the missiles landed in civilian areas.  The death toll was 15 dead and 23 wounded.  All of them civilians.  I hope my report will show the Vexillium the truth behind the KTZ invasion of Dignania.  These cowards can’t face up to the UBD soldier so they sit in a submarine far away from any danger and attack women and children. Their actions disgust me and I hope they will disgust Vexillium too.  This Scott Edwards, UBD Revolutionary Press, reporting from western suburbs of Montpelier.

Western Rokariyn Mountains (5:00PM Local Time) The fighting has finally died down as both sides pause to regroup along the Ambrosio Line.  Since yesterday morning, the men and women of the MLFLD 35th and 37th Infantry divisions have been in constant combat.  The fighting begin at 1:30 am when the UBD forces opposite of the fourth corps opened up with an artillery barrage.  For the next three hours, UBD artillery, rockets and mortars pounded MLFLD positions.

    The terrain in front the fourth MLFLD corps trenches is made up of low ridges and switchbacks.  Since the beginning of April, UBD forces of the First Army have controlled the last ridge on the north side of the Pascal River.  For the last four weeks, both sides have been reinforcing the area and have been building extensive defensive positions.  Fields of barbed wire and mines graced No Man’s Land between the two forces.  Overall, for the last month both sides have largely left each other alone.  That changed yesterday morning.

    The three hours of bombardment destroyed much of the barbed wire and mines in front of the MLFLD trenches.  The UBD walked their barrage up and down the MLFLD trenches until much of the defensive positions were either destroyed or damaged.  Around 5:00 am, the shelling stopped and the battlefield became quiet once again.  Then according to MLFLD sources, three thousand UBD soldiers charged toward the MLFLD trenches.  Within two hours, a section of 35th and 37th’s frontline and reserve trenches were captured by the UBD.

    The early morning sun revealed the UBD trying to strength their new positions.  Make shift bridges and boats on
MLFLD soldiers celebrate downing of UBD helicopter.
nearby Pascal River were used to bring across more UBD soldiers.  Lucky, the UBD weren’t able to cross the next ridge and take the third MLFLD defensive trench.  Several times yesterday, UBD soldiers tried to take the trenches, but were repulsed by the defenders.  Throughout the day, both sides pounded each other with artillery and aircraft.  Fortunately for the MLFLD, the UBD advance made a bulge in the frontline, but couldn’t achieve a break through.  Elements of the 35th and 37th MLFLD division on either side of the attack held their ground and prevented UBD from acquiring depth in their attack.  This allowed MLFLD the chance to pour artillery fire down on them from three sides.  Also, the UBD advanced out of the range of they're own supporting artillery.  They tried moving their artillery up, but the ridges and MLFLD fire prevented any such movement.  Around 3:00 PM, UBD helicopters and propeller planes tried to break the stalemate by dropping bombs and napalm onto the MLFLD trenches.  MLFLD anti-air positions drove off the attackers and even shot down several helicopters.  KTZ planes made several strafing runs against UBD forces.  At least one KTZ A-4 bomber was shot down. No word yet on the pilot’s condition.

    By sunset, the UBD still controlled a length of the MLFLD trenches, but couldn’t advance any further.  To breakup of the UBD attack, MLFLD command trucked in a newly formed division to reinforce the fourth corps.  They also had MLFLD soldiers further up river to float down burning boats and wood to knock out the bridges across the Pascal River. There is no word yet on how successful floating fireboats were.  Last night, the 49th division moved into position and with the help of remnants of the 35th and 37th attacked the UBD.  Throughout the night, UBD and MLFLD fought hand to hand for posession of the trenches.  By 4:00 am this morning, the MLFLD had taken back the section of trench they lost the day before.  The UBD were thrown back to their original positions.

    This is how I find the battlefield today.  The surrounding area is devastated.  Pockets of fire and smoke drift across the sky obscuring the horizon. Shell craters litter various parts of the battlefield.  Wrecked guns and bodies betray just how violent the battle was.  A MLFLD military official says that the UBD attack was repulsed with heavy casualties.  When asked about MLFLD casualties, the official said that while the counting is continuing, the number so far is around 1,500 killed 3,000 wounded, and 500 missing.

    The official informed me that 49th division is going to be reformed into the 35th and 37th divisions to make up for loss of manpower in the two divisions.  This is Kristoffer Henriksson, Subrata Independent Press, reporting from the Fourth Corps position in Western Rokariyn Mountains.

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