The events and updates listed below are listed in chronological order, as they occurred and were reported by members of various international news agencies on location in Dignania. This site, maintained by the Royal News Service of Eastern Zartania, provides a comprehensive look into the on-going struggle in Dignania. Where possible, pictures and full articles are provided.

February News Reports

February 17, 299AP
Today, in a vote of 89% for and 10% against, the people of Dignania voted to officially leave the Free Confederacy and create their own independent state. The Free Confederacy has not contested the move, though shock has been expressed by that "government." Dignania will become fully independent this coming Sunday, and everyone is abuzz about the independence and the opportunities it is expected to bring to this state. -Sergei Gostov, RNS

February 18, 299AP
Today the people of Gonorreia voted overwhelmingly to leave the Free Confederacy and join soon-to-be independent Dignania as an integrated part of that state. The vote of 74% for and 26% against demonstrates the broad-based popular support in Gonorreia for a union with their southern brethren. Following the announcement of the voting results, several students at Gonorreia University rioted in the streets in protest of the coming union, but were arrested by the local police forces. Today in the capital of Dignania, representatives from the remnants of the former FCLR government met with various party leaders from factions across Dignania to open talks concerning the formation of a new and permanent government. Military representatives from the mainland FCLR began to turn over control of military supplies and arms to local Dignanian militia. -Alan Smith, KTZ-TV

February 19, 299AP
Representatives from the various political factions across Dignania continue to meet today in the capital in their discussions concerning the formation of a new government for Dignania. Banners and posters proclaiming "Power to the Proletariat!" appeared around the capital on street corners and in shop windows across the city. The UBD is widely suspected as using this propoganda to attempt to influence the on-going government discussions. Tensions rise as hoodlums continue to terrorize citizens in the inner cities. Rumors of the potential breakdown in the government discussions has sparked some uncertainty and apprehension among Dignanian citizens, especially in the coastal regions. -Alan Smith, KTZ-TV

February 20, 299AP
Talks continue in the capital about the fate of the future Dignanian government. Today UBD agitators proclaimed "Freedom for the Masses!" from soapbox streetcorner speeches. Several street fights broke out between UBD supports and self-proclaimed republicans, which were quickly broken up by local law enforcement and served only to add to the tension already mounting in the capital. -Anna Salyers, Montpelier Daily Press

February 21, 299AP
Independence Day was celebrated today throughout Dignania and the Gonorreia archipelago. Though genuinely joyous and excited about the prospects for the future in Dignania, the celebrations were somewhat subdued as a result of continued uncertainty about the results of the governmental discussions. Around 3:00 this afternoon (local time), UBD leaders organized a march through the capital to the building housing the government talks in order to "serve notice to the delegates of the power and will of the people." An hour later, Kenneth Scroggin, co-leader of the National Republicans, publically announced that "the UBD is using revolutionary tactics and attempting to undermine the on-going government talks through threat of a popular insurrection." Scroggin went on to publically denounce UBD leader Oscar Valdez for instigating such displays and trying "to cause the premature breakdown of these talks." Incidents of violence were reported in cities across Dignania this evening as the supporters of the various factions clashed. -Sergei Gostov, RNS

February 22, 299AP
CARLSBAD - The small, slumbering city of Carlsbad was awakened early this morning to the rumbles of armored vehicles moving through the streets. Local UBD militia, driving their own APCs and apparently thumbing their noses at the regular Dignanian military loyal to the "provisional government," declared the city to be a UBD stronghold, and began arming those citizens supporting their cause with automatic weapons. Those citizens not supporting the UBD cause secluded themselves in their locked homes and hoped for the best. The scene here in Carlsbad was repeated in a dozen other cities and towns across southern Dignania, the traditional power base for the UBD. Over the daily UBD radio broadcasts today, an announcement was made calling for all Dignanian military and law enforcement units in the south to remove their officers and come to aid the UBD in their "common cause against the elitist factions trying to suppress the people." The announcement further instructed all military units to ignore any orders not coming directly from UBD headquarters, and to gather together as much military equipment and supplies as they could appropriate in order to further their cause. -Vince Stamos, RNS

MONTPELIER - Rumors of open rebellion reached the party officials here in the capital around noon. The rumors were announced shortly thereafter on the local radio and television stations, sparking panic among the populace. Roads and railroad stations became clogged as thousands attempted to flee the capital to the north in hopes of being able to escape whatever troubles were brewing in the south. After 3 hours of intense deliberations behind closed doors, and after receiving several military reports on the situation in the south, a coalition of party leaders opposed to the rebellion announced that UBD leaders Oscar Valdez and Otho Ferrier were expelled from the government talks, as was the UBD as a whole. After being escorted from the building, Valdez and Ferrier then called upon the workers, farmers, and peasants of Dignania to "take up arms and force your will to be heard by the corrupt, hollow, elitists attempting to suppress true freedom!" Following their departure from the city in an unmarked train headed south, several violent demonstrations were reported across the capital, and intermittent gunfire was heard. Local law enforcement agencies attempted to bring the situation under control, and were mostly successful. The coalition leaders also issued an appeal to the citizens and soldiers of the southern regions to stand down, return their weapons to the proper authorities, and to continue to obey "the rightful and lawful government of this land." Just before midnight, two fresh regiments of soldiers loyal to the coalition were seen marching through the capital to help reinforce the city's defenses and provide further law enforcement support. -Alan Smith, KTZ-TV

February 23, 299AP
Talks continued today in the capital despite the expulsion yesterday of the UBD delegation and the apparent eruption of the southern portion of Dignania into open rebellion. Government soldiers walked the streets of Montpelier today in an effort to help keep order, and to "show the flag" in a demonstration that the coalition is still in control of Dignania. All across the city today shops and houses were boarded up as citizens fled the area in droves hoping to escape the conflagration that is sure to come. Everyone here realizes that Dignania is on the verge of a civil war, except the coalition leaders apparently. -Alan Smith, KTZ-TV

February 24, 299AP
MONTPELIER - The city was awoken around 2:00 this morning by the sound of armored vehicles moving through the streets. A quick glance outside showed scores of trucks and APCs filled with government troops heading south out of the city. Distant gunfire could be heard intermittently throughout the day to the south of the capital as more people fled the city either north into the hills or east to the coast. The only official government statement came a little after noon, and said only that citizens should "remain calm as the southern UBD rebellion will be put down soon." Soldiers were seen putting up barricades across major thoroughfares and sandbagging rooftops throughout the city. The eerie silence of the capital was broken only by the heavy gunfire to the south which seemed to draw nearer as the day progressed. Reports and rumors continued to come into the capital of heavy fighting between UBD and government forces, though the exact results and locations of the conflicts were unknown. -Alan Smith, KTZ-TV

February 25, 299AP
BECKER - "Reports indicate that about 90 miles south of the Dignanian capital, Montpelier, four regiments of government troops have been ambushed and destroyed by UBD forces. The attack occurred along Route 51 just south of the town Becker. Four regiments totaling 4,000 soldiers were traveling south to meet the UBD's advance. The government convoy included several armored cars and tanks. Residents in and around Becker reported hearing machinegun and heavy artillery three hours after the government convoy had passed through the town. They continue to say that the intense firefight lasted for about an hour before the pace slackened. Since then, only sporadic shelling and gunfire have been heard. In the meantime, residents of Becker are packing up their belongings and leaving town before the expected UBD troops enter the town. As soon as more information is available about the ambush and the disposition of government and rebel forces we'll update you on the situation." -Roger Neal, Channel 1, Dignania Government News
Government troops in place in Montpelier.
MONTPELIER - Sounds of gunfire permeated the air as the flood of Dignanian citizens trying to leave the city continued. Thousands of men, women, and children clogged the railroad stations and highways as they attempted to escape the approaching fighting. Panic and tension filled the air as citizens reacted to several rumors of approaching UBD forces. One such rumor indicated that at any moment UBD forces would parachute out of the sky. The airport is also congested with the dispossessed as people attempt to gain flights out of the country or to points further north. Attaining passage is difficult as government military forces commandeer aircraft for military purposes. The remaining citizens who have nowhere else to run have been stocking up food, fuel, and water in case city services break down. The provisional government has made no public statements about the UBD onslaught or the impending danger to the capital. Several citizens complain that the government is not managing the revolt and is otherwise failing in its duty to protect the citizens. Information about the fighting in southern Dignania is sketchy and unreliable. The government continues to restrict reporters' movements throughout the city and they are not updating reporters on the progress of the battle. Rumors are the only source of information left to us now.

Looting and sabotage is taking a toll on the once beautiful city. Military officials report the UBD supporters have been burning stores, cutting communications, and engaging government troops in street fighting. Several deaths have been reported, but the officials have indicated the fighting is contained to outlying areas. This information can not be verified due to government restrictions on access to those areas. The government has also ordered all reporters to be escorted by government troops through the city as a "precaution for the safety and welfare of the press." -Alan Smith, KTZ-TV



SOUTH OF BECKER - (4:30PM local time) "I'm about twenty miles south of Becker on Route 51 and as you can see from the wreckage, the reports of the ambush were true and the government forces were destroyed. Several tanks and trucks lay burning along the road. Bodies of troops loyal to the provisional government are strewn about like dolls. UBD forces are seen moving past the wreckage as they journey north towards the Capital. They smile and sing to the great victory they have achieved. As seen by these pictures, the first known of the UBD rebellion, the UBD forces are well supplied and organized. There are easily thousands of soldiers eager for combat. I don't see how the capital can be held." -Roger Neal, Channel 1, Dignania Government News

February 26, 299AP
MONTPELIER - The capital came under air attack today as planes loyal to the UBD bombed the airport causing severe damage and several casualties. The planes came in low from the South early in the morning and dropped cluster bombs onto the runway blowing huge holes in the concrete. Besides the runway, several military hangers and government planes were destroyed. Apparently, the airport commanders were caught by surprise because none of the government's planes were able to get to the air to defend. The ensuing result was several fighters were destroyed on the ground. Rumors about the attack indicate that sabotage might have played a part, as the radar was not working at the time of the attack. Government officials have remained silent on this issue. -Alan Smith, KTZ-TV

DOWNTOWN MONTPELIER - (11:00AM local time) The streets are empty except for security forces manning bunkers and roadblocks throughout the city. Tanks and armored personal carriers are seen guarding important intersections and government buildings. Earlier today, a government spokesman announced the provisional government would make a stand in the capital with the hope that UBD forces can be defeated once and for all. He continued to say that quote, "the UBD is a bunch of murdering thugs led by Oscar Valdez who are trying to destroy the legitimate government. The rebellion is small and unorganized. The only way the UBD were able to attack was through the use of intimidation and forced conscription of peaceful farmers. The UBD has no real support and we call upon the citizens of Dignania to stand up and fight against this evil." The spokesman wouldn't answer any questions after the news briefing, so news about the battles in the South is still sketchy. -Sergei Gostov, RNS

MOSUL - (5:00PM local time) Street fighting has broken out in the port town of Mosul. Around 1:30 PM Dignania time, forces loyal to the UBD came out of hiding and attacked government positions. The fighting was extremely heavy and now, after almost four hours of fighting, UBD forces seem to have the upper hand. Government troops were seen retreating west towards the capital. Pockets of government resistance continue as night descends upon the port. The glow of fire and smoke can be seen in several areas in the town, but especially towards the harbor. All the resident's of Mosul can do now is hide in their basements and hope for the best. We will update you when the extent of the damage and fighting is known. -Bruce Alan Jensen, AM1297 DigRadio

February 27, 299AP
MONTPELIER - "Early this morning, citizens were awakened to the sound of intense fighting south of the capital city of Montpelier. Muzzle flashes and a fiery glow could be seen on the horizon to the south. Troops could be heard moving south, but in the darkness the identity of just who is patrolling the streets is unclear. Hopefully, daylight will allow a better understanding of situation. Until then, this is Alan Smith reporting, KTZ-TV."

MOSUL - (6:30AM local time) I have been a reporter for almost a decade and in all that time, I have never seen the level of death and destruction that I've seen today. Once UBD forces gained effective control of the city, my camera crew and I were allowed to travel to the harbor to view as the UBD commander, Jake Sommersby, described, "the result of the victorious battle against the fascist government forces." Upon our arrival, I glimpsed a horrific sight that made me sick. The harbor loomed before us as we stood over looking the water. My eyes were immediately drawn to the several ships submerged under the water with only their funnels and super structure piercing the surface. I also saw the bodies.

With a sinister smirk of his face, Sommersby began to describe the events that culminated into the destruction I saw before me. He began to describe how during the height of yesterday's uprising, a destroyer controlled by the UBD sailed in port and attacked government naval ships loaded with soldiers and supplies, but from my vantage point on the pier, I realized that the ships were not military. They were freighters and passenger ships and they were not filled with troops, but rather, people trying to flee the fighting. Bodies could be seen floating in the harbor as suitcases and children's doll's bobbed up and down in the water. As soon as Sommersby realized that we were not enjoying the spectacle as much as he was, he ordered us back into the cars. His men drove us back to our hotel and locked us in. My cameraman was not allowed to take pictures of the harbor, but when they were not looking he was able to snap a quick shot using a palm size camera. Using a makeshift dark room in our hotel room, my cameraman developed the picture. Our plan is to fax the picture and this message to our press headquarters, before the UBD soldiers realize their mistake of leaving our equipment in the room. We will then try to escape and go west in an attempt to meet up with government troops because after I file this report, the UBD might not like my presence. -Allan Saltman, Channel 1, Dignania Government News



DOWNTOWN MONTPELIER - (near the parliament building, 12:30PM local time) Fighting has broken out in the southern suburbs in the capital. Since eight o'clock this morning when troops loyal to the UBD entered the city, the fighting has been intense. From the rooftops, the fighting can be seen in the form of fires and tracer bullets shooting across the sky. Besides small arms fire, artillery and tank rounds can be heard. The government plaza here in the center of the city has been under artillery fire on and off for about three hours. Several buildings across the street have collapsed due to the shelling. The street below is a frenzy of activity as government troops set up barricades to fortify the plaza.

About an hour ago, UBD jets attacked from the south dropping bombs in several areas around the city. Government jets might have possibly engaged the rebels because there were sound of explosions overhead and the screams of jets as they maneuvered to engage one another. Also several clouds of smoke could be seen. As more information becomes available we'll update you on the situation. -Sergei Gostov, RNS



60 MILES NORTHEAST OF PIERRE - (4:00PM local time) Thousands of refugees stream north looking for salivation from the fighting. Every known form of transportation is being used. From cars to horse-pulled wagons, people fill every available space. There is even a fire truck and several farm tractors in among the dispossessed. The faces of all the people are calm, but sad. They watch as deserted farms pass by. I can see in their eyes that many dreams were crushed today. The big fear among the refugees is air attacks. Whenever they hear a jet come screaming across the sky everyone jumps from their vehicles and runs to nearby fields. Burning trucks and bodies along the road validate their fears of the airplanes overhead.
On the map above, red marks the route of the UBD forces, and green marks the retreat of government forces.

For most of the day I have been riding along with them. The flood moving north consists of civilians and government troops. Hundreds of government soldiers manning tanks and trucks move north. They appear to have no morale and are making no attempt to set up defenses in order to stop the UBD forces. I noticed that the soldiers avoid eye contact with most of the citizens. I left Pierre about three hours before the UBD forces arrived. From information gathered throughout the day, the situation is that UBD forces, attempting to flank the capital, broke through government defenses in the mountains south of Pierre. Using tanks and artillery, UBD forces pushed through the defenses. The government troops, morale gone, panicked and left the city of Pierre open for capture. Luckily for the mass of people traveling north, the UBD forces turned east as soon as they captured Pierre.
A major named Jesse Caffey hitching a ride on a tank spoke to me about the military situation. He told me that he figured the UBD turned east to attack the capital from the north and surround the city with the intention of preventing any government troops from escaping. Upon further questioning the major revealed that he had no idea how they were going to stop the UBD forces or if there are even any defenses further north. I asked how he got to be among the refugees. He said that he was manning a bunker guarding a pass leading into the valley early this morning. His regiment had been in the line since Thursday under orders from some official in the capital. Caffey could not remember who the official was, but he continued by describing how his regiment dug in and waited. The orders he had been given did not say how long he was to wait or even who he was supposed stop. All the official would say was that criminals might attempt to use highway through the pass to attack Pierre.
"I follow orders, so I drove my troops to the pass and set up a defensive position. For the next couple of days, we dug in and waited. No more transmissions from the capital were received and they would give me the run around every time I attempted to contact anyone in charge. In the meantime, my troops and I waited as rumors of the UBD rebellion reached us. Then suddenly early this morning my position came under heavy artillery fire and, boy, were they good. They grouped their shells to target my communications, machine guns and trucks. Within five minutes my regiment was cut off. Once the artillery stopped, I ordered my soldiers to be ready for an attack. Suddenly the artillery opened up again, but instead of explosives, the shells were filled with smoke. I remember crouching in the trench with my revolver in hand. I can look back, and see myself telling my troops to be ready. The mountains became quiet as smoke drifted across the trenches; then all hell broke loose. Automatic fire, machine guns, and grenades rained down on us. I was blown out of the trench by a grenade. I stood up and fired my pistol into the smoke and then I ran."
Caffey stopped talking for moment as he pondered that last statement. I could see the pain in his face as he struggled to decide if he was a coward or not. I decided to change the subject and asked him about what he thought about the provisional government. He looked at me with hate and only said one word "FUBAR." He then turned away from me to signal that he was done talking. I dropped down from the tank and hitched a ride with a family in the back of a pickup. The journey continues north: to where, I don't know. -Sam Young, Chen-TV



SOUTHERN SUBURBS OF MONTPELIER - (5:00PM local time) The fighting has been intense all day as UBD forces continue to drive government forces back towards the center of the city. Several tanks can be seen burning down the road. Government soldiers hide behind corners and then peek out to fire their rifles down the street. Fires have spread through some of the buildings down another street. A soldier lays bleeding on one of the sidewalks across the street. Once in a while, shelling descends on this part of the neighborhood and the world erupts in a shower of brick and flame. The ground shakes as glass is blown across the room. The fighting is bitter and the government troops seem to be holding the UBD back for now, but that is not likely to continues as day turns into night. -Anna Salyers, Montpelier Daily Press

MONTPELIER - (with UBD forces outside city, 9:00PM) UBD commanders have allowed a group of reporters to tag along with their forces. Night has now blanketed the countryside. From this vantage point on a hill just south of Montpelier, fires and explosions can be seen dancing across the sky. An artillery position just west of us fires into the city. The crew is very good as they work the guns. From counting the number of times they fire in a minute, I know that the crew is experienced.

About an hour ago, a UBD official approached our group with information about how, as he termed it, "the liberation of Montpelier" was proceeding. He spoke confidently that the city should fall sometime tomorrow and then he suddenly paused and with a smile he reported that within the hour the city should he surrounded and cut off from the north. This revelation surprised us because we did not know that UBD forces were that far north. One thing is for sure, everyone, including the reporters, has vastly under rated the UBD forces. -Roger Neal, Channel 1, Dignania Government News



February 28, 299AP

Montpelier - No report has been received by the RNS headquarters about the attack on Dignania's capital. We can only report that heavy fighting in and around Montpelier is occurring at the moment. No reporter has been able to post a report. What is known is that UBD forces surround the city. Sam Young, who reported the UBD's attack on Pierre and their turn south towards the capital, has verified this. When more information is known about the fight in the capital we'll be sure to update you.

Central Valley - In other news, UBD forces continue to advance and consolidate their positions in the Central Valley of Dignania. All reports indicate that UBD forces have started to shell the farm communities just south of the city of Bradford. No word on how close the UBD forces are to Bradford. When more information becomes available, RNS will report it.

North Coast of Dignania - The first reports from this area have reached RNS headquarters. From information received, several port cities over the weekend had rebelled against the government forces. After several days of fighting, the government seems to have the upper hand. All indications are that the UBD uprising in the north was not as strong or organized as in the south. The reason behind the apparent UBD failure could be that traditionally their support is centered in the south while the monarchist and republican support is strongest in the North. Fighting is still reported in the port of Demiéville. We now go to Kristoffer Henriksson in the port city of Kasama for a report on the situation:

KASAMA - (2:00PM local time) "For the first time in three days, I can stand in the middle of the street without the fear of being shot. Quiet now are the gunfire and rockets. The only sound heard now is the march of government forces south to fight the UBD. They are confident and ready to defend their homeland against what they call "the godless communist oppressors." This is the first reported instance of Dignanian government forces advancing instead of retreating."

"The fighting began late on Friday night as UBD militia attacked several sites throughout the city. They attempted to take the local TV station, but were repulsed by the government forces guarding it. They also attacked the military garrison just outside the city, but from reports about the fighting, the clear indication is that the UBD forces were destroyed. In fact, after the first initial shock of UBD attack, the government forces rallied and were able to push them out of the city. Just an hour ago, a government captain confirmed the flight of the UBD forces out of the city, and continued by saying that they had been dispersed into the hills. I asked him what is the next course of action for the government forces here in Kasama. He said, "We plan to gather as many soldiers and equipment as we can muster and march to the Rokariyn Mountain Range to stop the UBD's advance north. The key is to arrive first and gain control of the passes leading from the Central Valley. Once we have control of those passes, we can halt the UBD advance even if they outnumber us 3 to 1." I then asked who was in command of the forces here in Kasama and the north plain. He responded to the question by describing how a captain at the garrison took control after the other senior officers were killed in the initial attack on the city. "He defeated the rebels attacking the garrison, and then gathered as many soldiers he could find to lead a counterattack through the city. It was his leadership that prevented the UBD from gaining control of the city. Since then he has organized a force fit enough to march south and stop the UBD advance. He called upon all local commanders to march immediately to Rokariyn Mountains to set up a defense. He even ordered civilians to march south with him to add more manpower. I only hope we can get there before the UBD or we're all dead." Before he returned to his duties, I asked the name of the officer. He paused a second before answering Captain Cook. I will now make it my objective to find this this cook and interview him. -Kristoffer Henriksson, Subrata Independent Press



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