The events and updates listed below are listed in chronological order, as they occurred and were reported by members of various international news agencies on location in Dignania. This site, maintained by the Royal News Service of Eastern Zartania, provides a comprehensive look into the on-going struggle in Dignania. Where possible, pictures and full articles are provided.

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July News Reports

July 5, 299 AP

RNS Flash: Transport downed over Dignania(11:13 PM Local Time)

KHELVOR: "This is another RNS news flash.  I'm Chris Khelvor, bringing you the latest news in the ongoing war in Dignania.

    "The Imperial Zartanian Navy confirmed today that another transport airplane has been shot down attempting to cross the naval blockade and enter UBD airspace.  A spokesman for the Imperial Navy, speaking on behalf of Fleet Admiral Mikail Indurii, said that at approximately 04:35 yesterday morning local time, His Majesty's Imperial Frigate Cutlass (F-11), under the command of Captain Henry du Tchekq, picked up an unidentified transport plane on its radar on a course to cross the blockade and enter enemy territory."

    "As many of our viewers will recall, after the Eastern Zartanian naval blockade began to take effect on the enemy communist forces, the UBD and its allies began flying supplies into southern Dignania in an attempt to avoid Eastern Zartanian forces on patrol.  At first, the attempt was widely successful, as the Royal Armed Forces had no way to knock down enemy aircraft in the area.  Then, Task Force 7 arrived on station in Dignania after escorting a supply convoy.  With TF7 on station, those ships were set up in a perimeter along the war zone and blockade limit.  With such ships on station carrying Surface to Air Missiles, the Imperial Navy was able to begin putting a stop to the blockade running flights by shooting down the transports."

    "As the transport aircraft was picked up on HMIS Cutlass' radar, Captain du Tchekq radioed the airplane and ordered it to turn back or be fired upon.  No response was received, and the aircraft continued to fly toward southern Dignania.  Less than 20 miles away from the blockade line and the frigate's position, the aircraft dropped to an altitude of just 150 feet, apparently in an attempt to avoid radar detection."

    "The warning of the blockade area and the order to turn back were flashed to the approaching airplane using signal lamps as it came into visual range.  As the airplane passed the frigate at a distance of 12 miles, it was heard to increase power to its turboprop engines, and was seen on radar to make a wild left turn, apparently attempting to foil any attempts to fire upon it."

    "Captain du Tchekq repeated his warning one last time, and threatened to fire upon the airplane if it did not turn around immediately.  Having received no response from the airplane, which was still flying steadily toward southern Dignania, Captain du Tchekq ordered the forward 3-inch gun, already loaded with anti-aircraft shells, to open fire.  Upon opening fire, two shells were seen to burst near the unidentified aircraft, but the transport was quickly leaving Cutlass' firing range.  Captain du Tchekq ordered the firing of a single SAM, which was seen to impact the fuselage of the aircraft, destroying it."

    "HMIS Cutlass arrived at the wreckage site a mere 10 minutes later.  No survivors were found, and only one body was recovered.  That body, though not yet identified, has since been transferred to the guided missile cruiser HMIS Lieutenant (GC-4) for autopsy and identification.  Among the wreckage in the water was found a life jacket with the name "Aladdel" and the number "THS-98751-135-Q."  Naval intelligence believes that this evidence may point to involvement by factions in the isolationist country of Thistland, but remain mute on further details.

    "Found in the wreckage were crates containing automatic weapons, ammunition belts, mess kits, communist literature, uniforms, medical equipment, and two containers marked with a "biohazard" symbol.  Those two containers are being transported back to Eastern Zartania for examination and testing by the Ministry of Science, SF3, and M6."

    "This incident marks the eleventh transport to be shot down by Eastern Zartanian forces enforcing the blockade of southern Dignania.  Stay here with RNS to get the latest news on the war in Dignania and the Eastern Zartanian contribution to our MLFLD allies.  Once again, I'm Chris Khelvor."

July 7, 299 AP

RNS update on the war in Dignania (11:00 PM Local Time)

KHELVOR:  "Hello.  This is an RNS news flash follow-up, and I'm Chris Khelvor, with the latest news on the war in Dignania."

    "Early Tuesday morning we reported that the Imperial Navy had downed another transport aircraft attempting to enter southern UBD-held Dignania.  Here's a little clip of that broadcast:"

RNS broadcast, recorded earlier:

>HMIS Cutlass arrived at the wreckage site a mere 10 minutes later.  No survivors were >found, and only one body was recovered.  That body, though not yet identified, has >since been transferred to the guided missile cruiser HMIS Lieutenant (GC-4) for >autopsy and identification. Among the wreckage in the water was found a life jacket >with the name "Aladdel" and the number "THS-98751-135-Q."  Naval intelligence >believes that this evidence may point to involvement by factions in the isolationist >country of Thistland, but remain mute on further details.

    "A spokesman for Fleet Admiral Mikail Indurii, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Zartanian navy, spoke to reporters at the Admiralty today in Claw Anchorage.  At that news conference, Sub-Commander Joshua Darien said that further information has, in fact, been uncovered about the lone pilot of that downed airplane."

    "The case was handed over by naval intelligence to the newly created Section 2.  RNS viewers will recall that Section 2 is the new special investigations police force created by and under the supervision of His Royal Majesty, constituting the ultimate police force in the Kingdom.  Since it's creation as Section 2, the organization has since been renamed the Tal'Shiyr."

    "Using the name "Aladdel" that was found on the life jacket as a starting point, the Tal'Shiyr reported within hours that they had uncovered the pilot's identity.  Using old criminal records, Tal'Shiyr operatives were able to positively identify the pilot as 42 year old Mishna Aladdel through his dental records and fingerprints.  Some interesting facts about the pilot's past were also uncovered by the Tal'Shiyr."

    "In 1356, the Mykroi District Court in Nomar convicted Aladdel on charges of belonging to the illegal Movement for a Communist Zartania, weapons smuggling, and transporting of controlled (illegal) substances (tobacco).  Under the judicial rules of the Republic of Terramarc, under which Eastern Zartania was then subjected, Aladdel was sentenced to exile from all Eastern Zartanian and Terramarcian lands.  The last recorded knowledge of Aladdel's whereabouts was recorded by M6, which stated that "the subject has apparently found refuge in a little-known area of Nuarmia called 'Thistland' by its people."

    "At this point, the Royal Government, the Tal'Shiyr, and the Imperial Navy are refusing to comment on just what this revelation means, but we can be sure that it will cause some serious thinking and consideration within the Royal Council of Ministers and the Royal Stek Assembly."

    "The autopsy conducted upon Aladdel's body on board the guided missile cruiser HMIS Lieutenant (GC-4) has set the cause of death as caused "not by the severe decompression of the cockpit which would have burst the subject's lungs, nor by the missile impact itself, but rather by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the right temporal lobe caused by a .45-caliber handgun."  This information accounts for the aircraft's somewhat erratic behavior just prior to being shot down by the missile.”

    “Though no information has yet been released on the biohazard container found among the airplane's wreckage, Sub-Commander Darien stated that the Admiralty, M6, and the Tal'Shiyr believe that the aircraft and Aladdel were on a suicide mission to crash the airplane near the Eastern Zartanian blockade line and activate the biohazard container, in an attempt to debilitate the blockade.”

    “As always, we'll bring you the latest news from Dignania as it's made available.  Thanks for tuning in, I'm Chris Khelvor at the RNS Temporary Broadcast Center in Q'Leist.”

July 10, 299 AP

RNS update on the war in Dignania(12:00 PM Local Time)

    The fighting in the Eastern Rokariyn Mountains is continuing today.  Growing signs from the front indicate that the fighting there is stalled.   This has some what been confirmed by General Erik vun Orcton, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Zartanian Army.  In a rare report on the progress of the war in the trenches, General Orcton made a short comment on June 29, which indicated that the fighting had stalled and that KTZ units have played an important part, but families should expect in his words “"be expecting some heavy casualty lists.  Trench warfare is not what we're best at, and it's not what we train for.  The Dignanians are better at it, but they needed our help, so we threw in."  After his statement the General refused to answer any questions and no word has since been released by the Commander-in-Chief’s office or from the KTZ.  MLFLD officials continue their silence.

    Reports of chemical agents used in the fighting continue, but no word from either the MLFLD or the UBD on the truth of such reports.  As reported earlier, MLFLD and KTZ soldiers have been seen carrying gas masks to the front.  Reporters on the scene believe that they have seen wounded returning with the effects of some sort of chemical or gas agent.  Several soldiers have been seen with they’re eyes covered with bandaged and even a few have been seen with blisters on their hands and faces.  While nothing official has been released by either the MLFLD or the KTZ these gases of chemicals being used could be why the press black out, but the question still remains who is using them?  When more information is available RNS will bring it to the public.

July 11-22 299 AP

RNS Update on the war in Dignania – No new word or report has come out of Dignania for most of the month of July.  KTZ and MLFLD officials continue the media blackout along the entire front line of the Ambrosio Defensive position.  Rumors flourish as talk of secret dealings and conspiracies head the discussion tables around the world.  People continue to ask; what is going on in the front lines that have the MLFLD and KTZ so secretive?  What could be so bad?

    Unconfirmed reports indicate that around July 14-16 fighting occurred along the Central Sector.  No word on who attacked or what units were involved.  Reporters and civilians outside the combat zone only report increasing activity during those days.  Many people heard the distance rumbling of artillery and aircraft, but again no information is available to confirm or deny this report.  When more information is available RNS will bring it to the world.

July 24, 299 AP

RNS Headline News(2:30 PM Local Time)

NESTOR: “Hello.  And welcome back to another edition of RNS news update on the war in Dignania.  I'm Alexia Nestor.”

    “In the news tonight, five more Eastern Zartanian merchant ships have been lost at sea.  Distress calls were received from four of the five.  The freighters ZS Endless Night and ZS White Star have not been heard from since being caught in a tremendous storm south of the 40th parallel near Westrian Glaciaria.  The Imperial Navy has said that it is now assuming that the two ships were sunk during the storm.  Storms near Glaciaria consistently create waves as tall as 60 feet that could swamp a ship.  The three other ships, 2 bulk carriers and an oilier in ballast, were lost at sea after brief maydays indicating they were under attack. The oilier was last heard from approximately 240 miles NNW of Djeriga, while the two bulk carriers were last reported in the Cislendian Ocean about 70 miles north of the Maritimian Islands.  The Imperial Navy has said that it considers these three ships to be the latest victims of UBD and MCZ commerce raiders.  Searches are still being conducted for wreckage or survivors, though Navy officials say there is little hope of a rescue at this point.”

    “Word has also been received through the Eastern Zartanian embassy in Caboteniasa that the Movement for a Communist Zartania has been approached by the newly-declared communist government of West Uhlan about the possibility of the creation of a government in exile in West Uhlan.  While there has been no word yet on the MCZ's reaction to this offer, the Eastern Zartanian government has begun taking steps to counter whatever may come.  His Royal Majesty has been conducting late-night sessions of the Zartanian High Command in the Imperial Palace.  According to sources in Caboteniasa, the MCZ have not yet responded to West Uhlan's offer because of the curious absence of Alfred Bester, the organization's leader.  Bester was last seen in Kellyport, UPRMI, and is currently wanted by the Eastern Zartanian Royal Police with a 5 million Crown bounty.”

    “The Ministry of the Interior has said that it will demand that two fugitives who fled into the Caboteniasan embassy earlier this week be turned over to the Royal Police.  On Sunday, two unidentified persons in a car broke through the military security barrier at the entrance to the Avenue of Nations.  Soldiers of the Royal Army Police standing guard at the barrier fired several shots into the car as it passed.  Two Army Police vehicles and two Royal Police cars pursued the car, until it crashed through the gate of the Caboteniasan embassy and the fugitives fled into the embassy.  As the embassy is considered the sovereign territory of Caboteniasa, the soldiers and police were not allowed to pursue.  Instead, the embassy compound has been under constant surveillance by Royal Police and Royal Army Police for the past several days while the Royal Government attempts to work out a deal for the turning over of the fugitives.  The Royal Police have declined to comment on why the persons were being chased when the incident occurred.”

    “That wraps up tonight's international news.  Thank you for tuning in.  I'm Alexia Nestor, reporting from the RNS temporary Broadcast Center in Q'Leist.  Goodnight.”

[End of Transmission]

July 27, 299 AP

Breaking News!

Somewhere in the Witzleben Mountain Range near the border of Novoyoakes(4:49AM Local Time)

    [A radio transmission from Sergei Gostov has been picked up by RNS radio frequencies.  The transmission is weak and at some points garbled and confused.  This transmission is weaker then Gostov’s previous messages. Many people will not receive this message because of how weak it is.]

     “Hello Vexillium.  I have no way of knowing if this message is getting through, but I will try anyway.   My battery on the transmitter is on its last legs so I tried to hold off on sending a message until I had something important.  I believe I do now.  Over the last several months, our group has continued to move northwest toward the border with Novoyoakes in an attempt to evade the UBD patrols.  For the most part, we have achieved this, but we have had some complications along the way.  Our group is down to twenty tired and hungry souls.    Since my last message in April, our partisan group led by Michael Garibaldi has been in a constant state of hunger and terror.  Garbaldi has amazingly kept the group together through the tough times.  For the last two months, we have traveled further west toward the border with Novoyoakes with the intention of avoiding UBD patrols.  In those two months we have struck at several outposts, convoys, and patrols.  A week ago Garibaldi decided that we should take a chance and cross the border in Novoyoakes so we can take time and rest before returning to fight.  Several partisan groups we have met over the months suggested it as a good place to rest. Garibaldi decided that the group needed a break of the cat and mouse chase with the patrols.  So we made are way to the border. [The transmission begins to die and several of Gostov’s words go unheard.  A moment later we hear his voice.]  Damn the batteries are weaker then I thought! [The transmission gets weaker still.]  Now before the radio dies I have to tell the world that as we… the border with Novoyoakes we saw a large amount…. Activity leading toward the border.  From our … point on a ridge we saw long convoys of UBD troops heading into Novoyoakes.  There were dozens of tanks …[transmission weakens] … no idea why they are going in Novo…. Maybe they are going after partisan group hiding…Vexillium must know…troops heading in Novoyoakes…. Try to avoid them… Hope you read… [For half a minute only static is heard. Then suddenly]

Tell…wife…. Love…

[Transmission ends]

July 31, 299 AP

RNS Update on the war in Dignania(12:35 PM Local Time)

[Received and rebroadcast by RNS, cleared by the Ministry of Public Information & Customs]

    “This is Thomas Skillern, reporting for RNS aboard the Eastern Zartanian destroyer HMIS King Fredrik (D-10) patrolling along the blockade of southern Dignania.”

    “For the past two days, this destroyer has been patrolling the very western end of the blockade line, the section nearest Eastern Delgamia and the newly declared Mestonia Park.  While doing everything in our power to remain out of Eastern Delgamia's international waters and still maintain an effective blockade, we've seen some interesting and puzzling sights along the coast and in the waters around Mestonia Park.”

    “Yesterday, as we closed to within 15 miles of the park's coast, several large vessels were seen sailing northward along the coast.  The ships appeared to be coastal freighters or large fishing ships, and were apparently loaded to the gunwales with people.  Upon being sighted by one of the ships, we hoisted Eastern Zartanian colors to identify ourselves, having heaved to when we first sighted the ships.  Of the three ships in visual range, two hoisted Eastern Delgamian flags while the third ran up MESTO colors.  Seeing those colors hoisted, Captain Inglman decided not to pursue the ships, though several persons on the closest Eastern Delgamian ship waved frantically toward us and one even attempted to jump overboard.”

    “After the three ships disappeared over the horizon, and with no others appearing on radar, Captain Inglman ordered HMIS King Fredrik to within visual range of the coast of Mestonia Park.  From this distance, a great deal of activity was seen around an area approximately 6 miles north of the border of Eastern Delgamia and the park.  Though details could not be made out, it appeared that several large bulldozers and other earth-moving equipment were hard at work at a location that was confirmed last week by the frigate HMIS Persistence (F-21) to be the site of a coastal village.  Captain Inglman would not allow us to go in any closer, and refused to comment on what I reported seeing.”

    “So, to recap what little I can tell you, some activity has been seen along the coast of Mestonia Park where a coastal village reportedly used to be.  Several ships apparently full of people were also seen headed north.  We have no other information about these two possibly unrelated events, but we'll keep you updated on what's happening here as the information comes to us.  I'm Thomas Skillern, aboard the destroyer HMIS King Fredrik, reporting from the blockade line off Dignania.”

[End report]

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