United Brotherhood of Dignania

"Peace is only attained through revolution!!"
-UBD Party Motto

UBD Revolutionary Press Updates

March 1, 299AP:  Victory is achieved:  The old order has been defeated and the Capital of Montpelier has been Liberated by the glorious forces of the UBD.  Now that capital is free, the real work must begin, the creation of a new utopia in Dignania under leadership of Oscar Valdez.  The world was also introduced to the long time brother and follow fighter for freedom, the MCZ under the leadership of Albert Bester.  Together, the UBD and the MCZ will free the world of all the oppressive governments.

March 23, 299APThe Anouncement of the 3-Year Betterment Plan

The UBD announces the first three year Betterment Plan for Dignania.  The plan was developed by the People's Revolutionary Council to help foster growth and happiness for the citizens of Dignania. In three years, Dignania will increase industrial productivity by 25% and farming by 15%.  The Plan is as follows:

Effective immediately:

1.  All private industry and business is nationalized and belongs to the state which will from now on administer them to according to the needs of the state and people. There will be no industry barons controlling prices and making money at the expense of the people.  The Ministry of Public Works will responsible for running industry.  This includes, food processing, farming, mining, farm equipment, and textiles.  The goal is in three years to increase productivity in all these areas, especially mining.

2.  Collectivization of all farms and ranches throughout Dignania.  No one person will run or control these Collective communes and force people to work for slave wages.  Committees will be set up from local towns and villages to run these farming communes.  The goal is to increase output while making sure everone has a job and a home.

3.  As of these moment, the People's Revolutionary Council runs all services, including police, firemen, medical, legal, and media.  These will be administered by the Ministry of Information & Education.  The reason behind this is have a uniform code of justice and opportunity for all.  No one will be denied medical or legal help because of finanical or ethnic status.  Equal representative for everyone.

4.  The Betterment plan will go forward even as the UBD patroits are fighting the MLFLD. The plan is to help all citizens of Dignania by allowing this country to become self sufficient.

Otho Ferrier
People's Revolutionary Council
Foreign Minister for the UBD

The People's Revolutionary Council:

(Order of Authority)

President: Oscar Valdez
Vice-President: Otho Ferrier
The Council of Ten:

  1. Peter Weir
  2. Julian Glover
  3. Douglas Slocombe
  4. Gary Kurtz-Davies
  5. Joseph Cushing
  6. Amy Forester
  7. Julie Poska
  8. Iris Lee
  9. Federico Peluso
  10. Jenn Polack
Offices of the Goverment:
  1. The People's Army of Dignania
  2. Ministry of Information & Education
  3. Ministry of Public Works
  4. Foreign Office

Offices of the Government

The People's Army of Dignania:

Commander in Chief:  General Oscar Valdez
Deputy Commander:  Lt-General Victor Huizinga

Army Commanders:

        The Revolutionary Guard:  Lt-General Patrick Duffy
        The First Army: Sub-General Theo Rossabi
        The Second Army:  Sub- General Ivan Marchetti
        The Third Army:   Sub-General Torre Della

Ministry of Information & Education:

Super-Intendent:  Julie Poska
Under-Intendent: Eric Macewen
The Principal:  Ramon Bullock

Ministry of Public Works:

Director:  Peter Weir
Sub-Director: Frank Tillman

Foreign Office:

Foreign Minister: Otho Ferrier
Deputy Foreign Minister: Jenn Polack

Countries Allied with the UBD cause:

1.  The Movement for a Communist Zartania

Countries that have recognized the UBD cause:

1. The Moun Republic

UBD Ambassador to Djeriga:  Comrade Fredrick Wedel

2. Republic of Ulanova

(legitimate government has been deposed by a military dictatorship, UBD will keep the  embassy open until rightful government is returned)

UBD Ambassador to Ulanova:  Comrade Laura Zierer (In Dignania because of KTZ blockade)

Ulanovan Ambassador to Dignania:  Leonid Rostovicz (under arrest in Ulanova by  military fascists)

3. The Federal Estontetsan Republic

No exchange of diplomatic representatives yet.

4. West Uhlan

No exchange of diplomatic representatives yet.

Countries that are currently at war with the UBD:

1. Moderate-Loyalist Front for the Liberation of Dignania


2. Kingdom of Eastern Zartania


 Proletariats of the World, Unite!!

Last updated on May 10, 299.
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